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Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP11) of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

6-13 July 2012 | Bucharest, Romania

Ramsar COP11On Monday, 9 July, COP 11 met in plenary throughout the day. The day commenced with a special presentation on sustainable tourism and the value of wetlands. The plenary then continued consideration of the draft resolutions and recommendations submitted by parties and the Standing Committee, including the draft resolutions on: institutional hosting of the Secretariat; regional initiatives 2013-2015 in the framework of the Ramsar Convention; partnerships and synergies with multilateral environmental agreements and other institutions; tourism and wetlands; and climate change and wetlands.

A number of side events took place during lunch, including on: wetlands in the Maghreb countries; a demonstration of the IUCN freshwater species datasets; sustainable management of fish resources in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve; enhancing synergies among multilateral environmental agreements; and screening and discussion of the film "The Great Flight." In the evening a reception celebrated the launch of the joint Ramsar/World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) report "Destination Wetlands - Supporting Sustainable Tourism."
Tourism Impact Press Conference
A lunchtime press conference discussed the direct and indirect impacts of tourism on Ramsar Sites and other wetlands. L-R: Luigi Cabrini, Director, Sustainable Development of Tourism, UNWTO; Sandra Hails, CEPA Programme Officer, Ramsar Secretariat; Taleb Rifai, Secretary General, UNWTO; Anada Tiéga, Secretary General, Ramsar Convention; Cristian Barhalescu, Secretary of State, Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, Romania; and Corneliu Mugurel Cozmanciuc, Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Romania.
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Special Presentation on Sustainable Tourism
Dais shot

The dais during questions and answers after the special presentation.

Taleb Rifai
Taleb Rifai, Secretary General, UNWTO.
Sidharth Kaul
Sidharth Kaul, India.
Sidi Mohamed Lehlou
Sidi Mohamed Lehlou, Mauritania.
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Plenary dais shot

A view of the dais during plenary.

Chuma Simukonda
Chuma Simukonda, Zambia.
Elena Stylianopoulou
Elena Stylianopoulou, Cyprus.
Mohammad Abdul Rahman Hassan
Mohammad Abdul Rahman Hassan, United Arab Emirates.
James Njogu
James Njogu, Kenya.
Richard Chapman
Richard Chapman, United Kingdom.
Muhammad Bhatti
Muhammad Bhatti, Pakistan.
Gordon Paterson
Gordon Paterson, Grenada.
Ana Veiga
Ana Veiga, Cape Verde.
Khonesavanh Louangraj
Khonesavanh Louangraj, Laos.
Abdulghani Al-Bokwali
Abdulghani Al-Bokwali, Yemen.
Tobias Salath&eacute
Tobias Salath&eacute, Ramsar Secretariat.
Nicola Crockford
Nicola Crockford, BirdLife International.
Aree Tummakird
Aree Tummakird, Thailand.
Marlynn Mendoza
Marlynn Mendoza, Philippines.
Rowena Watson
Rowena Watson, United States.
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Side Events
Mahgreb Countries Wetlands Side Event

Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia held a lunchtime side event on wetlands as a common feature of Maghreb countries.

IUCN Species Datasets Side Event
IUCN presented a side event on use of freshwater species datasets for site designation and monitoring.
The Great Flight
Ramsar Regional Centre - East Asia screened the movie The Great Flight.
CMS Family Side Event

UNEP/CMS, UNEP/AEWA and UNEP-WCMC presented a side event on the CMS Family Online Reporting System.

Fish Poaching Side Event

Save the Danube and the Delta Association presented a case study on fish poaching in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.

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Around the COP
Chinese delegates
Delegates from China chatted in the morning.
Delegates chatting
Delegates chatted in the morning.
Delegate reading
Delegate reading
Delegate reading
Delegate reading

Delegates read the Earth Negotiations Bulletin in the morning.

Snacking on stairs

Delegates ate snacks on the stairs before entering side events where food was not allowed.

Mayuri Yamaguchi
Mayuri Yamaguchi, Ramsar Network Japan, took a photo.
Ján Kadlecík
Ján Kadlecík, Slovakia, signaled an intervention.
EAAFP booth
Participants visited the EAAFP booth.
Booth chat
Participants chatted in an exhibit booth.
Bulevardul Unirii as seen from the Palace.
Anada Tiéga

Ramsar Secretary General Anada Tiéga addressed participants at the evening reception.

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In the Room next to Plenary
Victor Ponta
Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta addressed a meeting of the National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party.
Cameras waiting
Cameras waited outside Sala Constantin Stere for any interview opportunity about the Romanian political situation.
Prime Minister departing
Eventually, the Prime Minister emerged from the room and left the Palace of Parliament.
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