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Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP11) of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

6-13 July 2012 | Bucharest, Romania

Ramsar COP11On Saturday, 7 July, Ramsar COP 11 met in plenary throughout the day. The plenary adopted the agenda and considered rules of procedure, elected the President and Vice-Presidents, appointed the Credentials Committee and established the Finance and Budget Committee, addressed admission of observers, and considered the reports of the Standing Committee (SC), the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP), implementation of the Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness (CEPA) Programme, a statement from the World Wetlands NGO Conference, and the report of the Ramsar Secretary General. The Credentials Committee met in the afternoon. The day concluded with a special presentation on wetland conservation and sustainable use in Romania.

A number of side events took place during lunch and in the evening, including on: wetlands and livelihoods; eco-tourism; STRP work on procedures for describing Ramsar Sites; new Ramsar Sites in Asia; restoration of wetlands; wetland conservation challenges; enhancing biodiversity in rice paddies; presentation of Wetland Global Awards by the World Wetland Network; protecting and restoring ecosystem services provided by bivalve reefs; and culture and wetlands.
Room shot
A view of the plenary chamber before the meeting.
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Dais shot

The dais during plenary.

Yeon-Chul Yoo
Standing Committee Chair Yeon-Chul Yoo, Republic of Korea.
Ainsley Henry
Ainsley Henry, Jamaica.
Abdou Salam Kane
Abdou Salam Kane, Senegal.
Nick Davidson
Ramsar Deputy Secretary General Nick Davidson.
Alex Doe
Alex Doe, Paraguay.
Raymundo Santos Rocha Magno
Amb. Raymundo Santos Rocha Magno, Brazil.
Eiji Hatano
Eiji Hatano, Japan.
Anada Tiéga
Ramsar Convention Secretary General Anada Tiéga.
Paul Mafabi
Paul Mafabi, Uganda.
Petruta Moisi
Petruta Moisi, Eco-Counselling Centre Galati, Romania.
Heather MacKay
Heather MacKay, STRP Chair, presented the STRP report.
Sandra Hails
Sandra Hails, Ramsar Secretariat, presented the report on implementation of the CEPA Programme 2009-2015.
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Special Presentation
Presentation room shot
A view of the presentation on wetlands in Romania.
Grigore Baboianu
Grigore Baboianu, Executive Director, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority, Romania.
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Side Events
Wise Use Side Event
Groupe Danone and the Livelihood Fund presented a lunchtime side event on conservation and wise use of wetlands.
Eco-tourism Side Event
Namibia's Ministry of Environment and Tourism and SEO/Birdlife presented case studies on the eco-tourism potential of wetlands.
Site Description Side Event
The Ramsar STRP presented a briefing on streamlining procedures for describing Ramsar Sites.
Site Designation Side Event
Japan's Ministry of Environment presented a side event celebrating the designation of new Ramsar Sites.
Wetlands Restoration Side Event
The Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management presented a side event on restoration of wetlands.
Conservation Challenges Side Event
JICA presented an evening side event on challenges and experiences in wetland conservation.
Rice Paddy Side Event
The Ramsar Network Japan, Korea Rice Paddy Wetland Network and Korea Wetland NGO Network held a side event on biodiversity enhacement in rice paddies.
Wetland Globe Awards
WWT held the World Wetland Network Wetland Globe Awards Ceremony 2012
Bivalve Reef Side Event
The Nature Conservancy presented a side event on protecting and restoring bivalve reefs.
Culture Side Event
The Ramsar Culture Working Group held a side event on culture contributing to wise wetland use.
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Around COP 11
Sibylle Vermont
Guillermo Lingua
Fang Yan

Before the day's session, delegates gestured while chatting. L-R: Sibylle Vermont, Switzerland, Guillermo Lingua, Argentina and Fang Yan, China.


Conference staff provided headsets as delegates entered the plenary chamber.

Nick Davidson with Binoculars
Ramsar Deputy Secretary General Nick Davidson used binoculars to see participants near the back of the room.
Delegate with Binoculars
Participants near the back of the room used binoculars to see the dais.
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