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Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP11) of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

6-13 July 2012 | Bucharest, Romania

Ramsar COP11On Friday, 13 July, Ramsar COP 11 delegates met in the morning and adopted resolutions on: Tourism, recreation and wetlands; Wetlands and energy issues; Principles for the planning and management of urban and peri-urban wetlands; Agriculture-wetland interactions - rice paddy and pest control; and Future implementation of scientific and technical aspects of the Convention for 2013-2015. Delegates also discussed Regional initiatives 2013-2015 in the framework of the Ramsar Convention, which was referred to informal consultations to reach consensus. A second Friends of the Chair group was convened to continue efforts at resolving outstanding disagreement on the issue of institutional hosting of the Ramsar Secretariat.

In the afternoon, delegates continued adopting resolutions, including on: Adjustments to the terms of Resolution VII.1 on composition, roles, and responsibilities of the Standing Committee and regional categorization of countries under the Convention; An integrated Framework for avoiding, mitigating, and compensating for wetland losses; Promoting sustainable investment by the public and private sectors to ensure the maintenance of the benefits people and nature gain from wetlands; Regional initiatives 2013-2015 in the framework of the Ramsar Convention; Strategic Framework and guidelines for the future development of the List of Wetlands of International Importance; Climate change and wetlands - implications for the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands; Insitutional hosting of the Ramsar Secretariat; and Wetlands and Sustainable Development. The plenary also adopted a resolution thanking Romania for hosting COP 11.

After closing the agenda item on adoption of resolutions and recommendations, Ramsar COP 11 discussed the date and venue of the next ordinary meeting of the COP, with Uruguay offering to host COP 12 in 2015. Delegates then adopted the report of COP 11. Ramsar COP 11 closed at 8:39 pm.

ENB SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS: The Earth Negotiations Bulletin summary and analysis of COP 11 will be available on this site on Monday, 16 July 2012.
Palace Balcony Huddle
Delegates huddled on the palace balcony to work on consensus text on climate change and wetlands.
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Mohammed Saif Al Afkham
COP 11 Vice-President Mohammed Saif Al Afkham, United Arab Emirates.
Mihail Fâcă
COP 11 President Mihail Fâcă, Romania.
Nick Davidson
Ramsar Deputy Secretary General Nick Davidson.
Marisa Aramaki
Marisa Aramaki, Japan.
Jenny Lonnstad
Jenny Lonnstad, Sweden.
Marisol Dimas
Marisol Dimas, Panama.
South African Delegates
South African delegates conferred during plenary.
Brazilian Delegates
Brazilian delegates reviewed a document during plenary.
Fang Yan
Fang Yan, China.
Abdou Salam Kane, Boniface Yehouetome, and Emmanuel Thiry
Abdou Salam Kane, Senegal, Boniface Yehouetome, Benin, and Emmanuel Thiry, France, discussed wording.
Victoria Gobbi
Victoria Gobbi, Argentina.
Hazim Al Dalli
Hazim Al Dalli, Iraq.
Sidharth Kaul
Sidharth Kaul, India.
Alejandra Figueroa Fernandez
Alejandra Figueroa Fernandez, Chile.
Turkish Delegates
Turkish delegates reviewed a document during plenary.
Delegates applauded the adoption of a resolution.
Heather MacKay
Heather MacKay, STRP.
Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts, Canada.
John Dini
John Dini, South Africa.
Adams Toussaint
Adams Toussaint, Saint Lucia.
Clare Hamilton
Clare Hamilton, United Kingdom.
Nana Aboubakar Djalloh
Nana Aboubakar Djalloh, Cameroon.
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Closing Ceremony
Pedro Mo Amaro
Amb. Pedro Mo Amaro presented on Uruguay's plans to host Ramsar COP 12 in 2015.
Chris Rostron
Chris Rostron, Wetland Link International/World Wetland Network, gave a statement on behalf of NGOs.
Matthew McCartney
Matthew McCartney, International Water Management Institute, gave a statement on behalf of Ramsar's International Organization Partners.
Herb Raffaele and Anada Tiéga
Herb Raffaele, United States, was named a Wetland Person of International Importance by Ramsar Secretary General Anada Tiéga.
Corneliu Mugurel Cozmanciuc#
Corneliu Mugurel Cozmanciuc, State Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Romania, made closing remarks.
Mihail Fâcă
COP 11 President Mihail Fâcă declared the COP closed at 8:39pm.
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Side Events
Capacity Development Side Event

The UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education held a side event on capacity development for wise use of wetlands.

Mangrove Side Event
The International Mangrove Network held a side event on land use change in Ramsar Sites with mangrove ecosystems.
Wetland Centre Networks Side Event
The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust held a side event on Wetland Centre Networks, CEPA and Flyways.
Changwon Declaration Implementation Side Event

The Ramsar Regional Centre - East Asia held a side event on implementation of the Changwon Declaration.

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Around the COP
Volunteers and Cameraman
Conference volunteers and cameramen kept watch to see which delegations intervened.
A/V Technicians
Technicians kept audio and video functioning smoothly in the plenary hall.
Document Tables
Tables of revised and translated documents awaited delegates in the morning.
Ako Charlotte Eyong
Ako Charlotte Eyong, Ramsar Secretariat, prepared to take a photo.
The Monkey
The Monkey was warned by the STRP to keep quiet if it knew what was good for it.
Bucharest view
A view of Bucharest from the north balcony of the palace.
Ramsar COP 11 ENB Team
Your COP 11 Earth Negotiations Bulletin team (L-R): Kate Harris, Writer, Canada; Laura Russo, Writer, Italy; Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers, Writer, Netherlands; Anna Schulz, Team Leader, United States; Delia Paul, Writer, Malaysia; Dan Birchall, Digital Editor, United States; Nancy Williams, Logistics Coordinator, United States.
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