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Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP11) of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

6-13 July 2012 | Bucharest, Romania

Ramsar COP11On Tuesday, 10 July, COP 11 met in plenary throughout the day. The day commenced with a special presentation on the value and economics of water and wetlands - The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) synthesis report. A special presentation on water security and the importance of wetlands and natural infrastructure in water resource management also took place.

The plenary then continued consideration of the draft resolutions and recommendations submitted by parties and the Standing Committee (SC), including the draft resolutions on: streamlining procedures for describing Ramsar Sites at the time of designation and subsequently; an integrated framework for avoiding, mitigating and compensating for wetland losses; wetlands and energy issues; principles for the planning and management of urban and peri-urban wetlands; institutional host of the Ramsar Secretariat; wetlands and health - taking an ecosystem approach; an integrated framework for linking wetland conservation and wise use with poverty eradication; climate change and wetlands - implication for the Ramsar Convention; agriculture-wetland interactions - rice paddy and pesticide usage; ensuring efficient delivery of scientific and technical advice and support to the Convention; future implementation of scientific and technical aspects of the Convention for 2013-2015; adjustments to the modus operandi of the STRP for the 2013-2015 triennium; adjustments to the terms of Resolution VII.1 on the composition, roles and responsibilities of the SC and regional categorization of countries under the Convention; promoting responsible investment by government and the private sector to ensure the maintenance of the benefits of people and nature gain from wetlands; and wetlands and sustainable development.

A number of side events took place on: principles for the planning and management of urban and peri-urban wetlands; valuing wetlands - capturing economic beneftis from wetlands wise use; business, water and wetlands - the role of the private sector in conserving and restoring wetland areas; peatlands - global challenges and opportunities for the Ramsar Convention; water security for people and wetlands; GlobWetland II, a software toolbox for the assessment and monitoring of wetlands from space; experience in applying ecosystem approaches and implementing integrated management plans for Iranian wetlands and rollout at national and regional levels; wetlands wise use and oil and gas development; and sharing beneftis of transboundary cooperation in managing wetlands through a joint implementation of the Ramsar Convention and the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes.
Thanks and Trophies
COP 11 Vice-President Mohammed Saif Al Afkham, United Arab Emirates, thanked the Secretariat and the Romanian government for the organization of COP 11, and presented trophies to Secretary General Anada Tiéga and COP 11 President Mihail Fâcă.
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Special Presentation on the Value of Water and Wetlands
Andrew Farmer
Andrew Farmer, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), gave a presentation on TEEB.
Presentation room shot
Participants watched the presentation.
Presentation dais shot

A view of the dais during the special presentation.

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Mihail Fâcă
COP 11 President Mihail Fâcă, Romania.
Anada Tiéga
Ramsar Secretary General Anada Tiéga.
Tim Jones
Tim Jones, Rapporteur.
Yavuz Selim Cubukcu
Yavuz Selim Cubukcu, Turkey.
David Stroud
David Stroud, STRP.
Hugh Robertson
Hugh Robertson, New Zealand
Enrique Barraza
Enrique Barraza, El Salvador.
Alejandra Figueroa Fernandez
Alejandra Figueroa Fernandez, Chile.
Fang Yan
Fang Yan, China.
Royal Gardner
Royal Gardner, STRP.
Iván Valencia
Iván Valencia, Colombia.
María Luisa Del Río
María Luisa Del Río, Peru.
Sangdon Lee
Sangdon Lee, Republic of Korea.
Greg Manning
Greg Manning, Australia.
Surapol Pattanee
Surapol Pattanee, Thailand.
Plenary dais shot

A view of the dais during plenary.

Nicola Scott
Nicola Scott, New Zealand.
Thomas Petitguyot
Thomas Petitguyot, France.
Lei Guang Chun
Lei Guang Chun, China.
Heather MacKay
Heather MacKay, STRP.
Rune Kristiansen
Rune Kristiansen, Denmark.
Kathleen Kutschenreuter
Kathleen Kutschenreuter, United States.
Rob McInnes
Rob McInnes, STRP Observer.
Essam Bourass
Essam Bourass, Libya.
Edward Netshithothole
Edward Netshithothole, South Africa.
Leonid Belov
Leonid Belov, Russian Federation.
Pierre Horwitz
Pierre Horwitz, STRP.
Reinhard Schmidnig
Reinhard Schmidnig, Switzerland.
Vicente Tuddao
Vicente Tuddao, Philippines.
Karen Denyer
Karen Denyer, New Zealand.
Boniface Yehouetome
Boniface Yehouetome, Benin.
Rebecca D'Cruz
Rebecca D'Cruz, STRP.
Karen Jenderedjian
Karen Jenderedjian, Armenia.
Jan-Petter Huberth Hansen
Jan-Petter Huberth Hansen, Norway.
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Special Presentation on Water Security
Michael Scoullous
Michael Scoullous, Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean.
A slide seen by participants during the presentation on water security.
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Side Events
Peatlands Side Event

The International Mire Conservation Group, Wetlands International, the Michael Succow Foundation, Belarus and APB-BirdLife presented a side event on peatlands.

Private Sector Side Event
The WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme Office presented a side event on the role of private sector in conserving and restoring wetlands.
Wetland Value Side Event
UNEP and IEEP/TEEB presented a side event on valuing wetlands and economic benefit from wetlands wise use.
Urban Wetlands Side Event

UN HABITAT presented a lunchtime side event on planning and management of urban and peri-urban wetlands.

Joint Implementation Side Event

Switzerland presented a side event on benefits of joint implementation of Ramsar and the UNECE Water Convention.

Water Security Side Event

The National Water Commission and the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, Mexico, and WWF presented a side event on water security.

GlobWetland II Side Event
The European Space Agency presented a side event on the GlobWetland II software toolbox for assessing and monitoring wetlands from space.
Iranian Wetlands Side Event
The Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project, Iran, UNDP and GEF presented a side event on experiences with Iranian wetlands.
Oil and Gas Side Event

Wetlands International presented a side event on wetlands wise use and oil and gas development.

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Around the COP
Dais huddle
Ramsar Secretary General Anada Tiéga, Deputy Secretary General Nick Davidson and COP 11 President Mihail Fâcă conferred during plenary.
Souvenir Shop
Participants browsed Romanian arts and crafts in the souvenir shop.
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