Highlights and images for 18 July 2016 – 18 July 2017



The thirty-eighth session of the Open-Ended Working Group of the Montreal Protocol (OEWG 38) opened in Vienna, Austria on 18 July 2016. In the morning, delegates heard opening remarks and addressed the agenda and the organization of work. Discussion then turned to the Technical and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) report on updated and new information on alternatives for ozone depleting substances (ODS).

In the afternoon, parties addressed the Dubai Pathway on HFCs, the TEAP 2016 report, and issues related to exemptions under Articles 2A–2I of the Montreal Protocol, including nominations for essential-use exemptions for 2017 and nominations for critical-use exemptions for 2017 and 2018. They also addressed issues related to the phase-out of HCFCs, the availability of recovered, recycled or reclaimed halons, terms of reference for the study on the 2018-2020 replenishment of the multilateral fund, a report by the TEAP and the Scientific Assessment Panel on carbon tetrachloride discrepancies, and the destruction of ODS banks.

The HFC Management Contact Group met in the evening.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Mike Muzurakis
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From L-R: Tina Birmpili, Executive Secretary, Ozone Secretariat; OEWG 37 Co-Chair Paul Krajnik, Austria; and OEWG 37 Co-Chair Leslie Smith, Grenada

OEWG 37 Co-Chair Paul Krajnik, Austria

Blaise Horisberger, Switzerland, with Husamuddin Ahmadzai, Sweden

OEWG 37 Co-Chair Leslie Smith, Grenada

Taha Mohammed Zatari, Saudi Arabia

Laura Berón, Argentina

 Iftikhar-ul-Hassan Gilani, Pakistan

Sylla Cheikh Ndiaye, Senegal

John Thompson, US

Hassan Ali Mubarak, Bahrain

Roberto Peixoto​, TEAP Member, Brazil

Antonio Asuncion Oposa, Federated States of Micronesia

Lambert Kuijpers, TEAP Member, the Netherlands

Alice Gaustad, Norway

Enoh Peter Ayuk, Cameroon

Alaa Aljahdali, Saudi Arabia

Blaise Horisberger, Switzerland

Philip Owen, European Union (EU)

Nancy Seymour, Canada

Rafael Da Soler, Brazil

The Kuwaiti delegation

Gilbert Bankobeza, Ozone Secretariat, with Masa Nagai, Senior Legal Advisor, UNEP

Zhou Xiaofang, China, and  Iftikhar-ul-Hassan Gilani, Pakistan

Tumau Neru, Samoa

Obed Baloyi, South Africa

Hammami Youssef, Tunisia

Amit Love, and S.V. Subbarao, India

Rafael Da Soler, Brazil, with Maria Verónica Grygianec, Argentina


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