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The Third Extraordinary Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (ExMOP 3) convened for its final day in Vienna, Austria, on 23 July 2016. In the morning, delegates heard the report of the Credentials' Committee and concluded general statements.

The informal setting (as part of the Contact Group on HFC Management) reconvened in the morning and in the late afternoon, when it concluded its work. The Contact Group on HFC Management reconvened at 5:35 pm.

6:36 pm - HFC Management Contact Group consultations ongoing.
8:05 pm - HFC Management Contact Group scheduled to reconvene at 9:00 pm. Informal consultations taking place.
9:22 pm - informal consultations ongoing.
10:03 pm - HFC Management Contact Group to reconvene at approximately 10:30 pm.
10:53 pm - informal consultations are still ongoing.
11:28 pm -HFC Management Contact Group resumes. Delegates discuss baseline/freeze date proposals.
12:26 am - HFC Management Contact Group adjourns, having concluded its work. OEWG 38 to reconvene.
12:52 am - ExMOP 3 reconvenes.
01:10 am - ExMOP 3 closes.

IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB Meeting Coverage, has provided daily web coverage, daily reports and also produced a summary and analysis report from the Resumed OEWG 37, OEWG 38 and ExMOP 3, which is available in HTML and PDF format.
Photos by IISD/ENB | Mike Muzurakis
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From L-R: Gilbert Bankobeza, Ozone Secretariat; MOP 27 President Virginia Poter, Canada; and Megumi Seki, Ozone Secretariat

Xavier Sticker, Ambassador for the Environment, France

Anselmina Liphola, Mozambique

Augusto Flores, Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Nicaragua

Janusz Urbańczyk, Holy See

Hazri bin Abu Hassan, Singapore

Lorna Eden, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Local Government, Fiji

Laura Juliana Arciniegas, Colombia, with Rubén Armando Escalante Hasbún, El Salvador

Obed Baloyi, South Africa, and Dennis Clare, Federated States of Micronesia

Gudi Alkemade, and Philip Owen, European Union (EU)

Nada Aldabashi, Kuwait, and Amna Kazim, United Arab Emirates

MOP 27 President Virginia Poter, Canada

Sergey Vasiliev, the Russian Federation

Jeanne Josette Acacha-Akoha, Benin

Saleh Hassini, General Manager of Environment, and Hammami Youssef, Tunisia

Yaqoub Al-Matouq, Kuwait

Philip Owen, European Union (EU)

Kate Louw, IISD Reporting Services, with HFC Management Contact Group Co-Chair ​Patrick McInerney​, Australia

OEWG 37 Co-Chair Paul Krajnik, Austria, with MOP 27 President Virginia Poter, Canada

John Thompson, US

Rafael Da Soler, Brazil

Obed Baloyi, South Africa

From L-R: Hamoud Al-Otaibi, Saudi Arabia; Cindy Newberg, US; Diane McConkey, US; Saleh Al-Amir, Saudi Arabia; Taha Mohammed Zatari, Saudi Arabia; and Alaa Aljahdali, Saudi Arabia

Blaise Horisberger, Switzerland

Gudi Alkemade, EU

Augustin Sánchez Guevara, Mexico

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