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Twenty-Fourth sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) of the UNFCCC and First session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG) and related meetings

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Highlights for Thursday, 25 May 2006


On Thursday, SBI reconvened in plenary, concluding its work and adopting the report of the session. SBSTA met and adopted conclusions and draft decisions on many items, including several methodological issues, research and systematic observation, and reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries. Informal consultations on the five-year programme of work on adaptation continued late into the night and the issue will be taken up by the SBSTA plenary on Friday. The AWG plenary reconvened at midnight, and the AWG concluded its first session by agreeing on the outline for a future work programme. 

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ADMINISTRATIVE, FINANCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL MATTERS: Delegates adopted SBI conclusions prepared by SBI Chair Becker on Budget performance for the biennium 2006-2007 and on Implementation of the Headquarters Agreement.

Above photos L-R: The dais during the morning session of SBI with Richard Kinley, Officer-In-Charge, UNFCCC Secretariat, Feng Gao, Deputy Executive Secretary for SBI, UNFCCC Secretariat, and SBI Chair Thomas Becker (Denmark).


UNFCCC ARTICLE 4.8 & 4.9: On matters relating to the least developed countries (LDCs), Samuel Adejuwon  
, who co-facilitated the informal consultations, reported agreement on the LDC Expert Group’s work programme, and delegates adopted the conclusions.

Above photos L-R:
Samuel Adejuwon (Nigeria); SBI Chair Becker conferring with Richard Kinley, UNFCCC Secretariat and Leslie Manley (South Africa).


CAPACITY BUILDING (CONVENTION): Contact group Co-Chair Crispin D’Auvergne ( Saint Lucia ) summarized discussions.

Above photos L-R: SBI Chair Becker exchanging views with a delegate from the Russian Federation; Co-Chair D’Auvergne ( Saint Lucia ).

FINANCIAL MECHANISM (CONVENTION): On the Special Climate Change Fund, contact group chair Bubu Jallow (Gambia) reported progress on understanding what a staged approach to support various economic development issues could mean, noting that the SB 22 text would be the basis of deliberations at SB 25.

Above photos L-R:
Bubu Jallow (Gambia); SBI Chair Becker in discussions with the EU, Canada and Japan.

FINANCIAL MECHANISM (PROTOCOL): Adaptation Fund: Following a contact group meeting in which delegates were unable to reach consensus on language on institutions that may manage the Fund, discussion continued in plenary. The Philippines , for the G-77/CHINA, proposed that reference to institutions include “all those contained in the annex,” while the EU, Canada , and Norway said they could not support inclusion of the word “all.” Following informal consultations, delegates agreed on the text contained in the draft conclusions proposed by the SBI Chair, which states that “the SBI invited relevant international institutions, including, among others, those contained in the annex…without prejudice to any institution,” and adopted the conclusions.

Above photos L-R:
Delegates from G77/China in informal consultation during a session of the SBI on the Adaptation Fund.; delegates from the EU consulting regarding text contained in the draft conclusions.

The G-77/China, the EU, Norway and Switzerland then made statements on the aforementioned text. Following a procedural debate on how to reference these statements, it was agreed that each statement would be recorded in the Report of the session.

Above photos L-R: Bernarditas Mueller (the Philippines) and José Romero (Switzerland).

Above photos L-R: Aysar Ahmed Al-Tayeb (Saudi Arabia) making an intervention; Chinese delegates reading the the draft text. 


AGENDA/MAURITIUS STRATEGY: SBSTA Chair Kishan Kumarsingh (Trinidad and Tobago) reported no progress on informal consultations on addition of the Mauritius Strategy on SIDS to the SBSTA agenda, and suggested including the agenda item. Tuvalu stated that only two countries had opposed consideration of this agenda item, and expressed extreme disappointment on this issue. The US and Australia reiterated their opposition to creating a new agenda item, and parties adopted the provisional agenda.

Above photos L-R: The dais during SBSTA chaired by Kishan Kumarsingh.

Above photos L-R: Ian Fry (Tuvalu); Peter Roberts (Australia) making an intervention. 

The AWG plenary convened at shortly before midnight after informal consultations that had extended throughout Thursday in a small group setting, with several delegates and AWG Chair Michael Zammit Cutajar working on a text on planning of future work distributed in the morning.

Above photos L-R: AWG Chair Michael Zammit Cutajar (Malta); Swiss delegates consulting with AWG Chair Zammit Cutajar

Above photos L-R: EU delegates in a consultation huddle; delegates getting the draft text.
  AWG Information Session with the NGOs: 

Chair Michael Zammit Cutajar met with NGOs to brief them on progress during AWG negotiations, outlining discussions and positions behind the working text. He described negotiations as "tough".

Above photos L-R: AWG Chair Michael Zammit Cutajar with Barbara Black, UNFCCC Secretariat reading the ENB; view of the information session for the NGOs. 

Above photos L-R: Bill Hare (Greenpeace International); participants from Business NGOs.

Above photos L-R: Jennifer Morgan, WWF, asked about the programme of work for 2007, and whether there would be only two sessions; participants from Japanese NGOs.

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