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Twenty-Fourth sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) of the UNFCCC and First session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG) and related meetings

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Highlights for Saturday, 20 May 2006


Contact groups and informal consultations were held throughout Saturday on a wide range of issues, including adaptation, the Adaptation Fund, arrangements for intergovernmental meetings, deforestation, IPCC 2006 Guidelines and harvested wood products, privileges and immunities, research and systematic observation, and the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF). In addition, bilateral and small group consultations continued under the AWG, and an in-session workshop was held on carbon capture and storage.

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Contact Groups:


ARRANGEMENTS FOR INTERGOVERNMENTAL MEETINGS: Co-Chair Wörgetter drew attention to the Earth Negotiations Bulletin’s “In The Corridors” section, which noted concerns about “meeting fatigue.” She observed that this was an issue for future meeting planning. Richard Kinley, UNFCCC Officer-in-Charge, briefed parties on planning for COP 12 and COP/MOP 2, observing that the complex agendas and proliferation of events meant constraints on the number of contact group meetings and the possibility that some work would not be completed.

Above photos L-R: Chad Carpenter, UNFCCC Secretariat, and Richard Kinley, UNFCCC Officer-in-Charge; Co-Chairs Aloisia Wörgetter (Austria) and Sandea De Wet (South Africa).



PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES:  Delegates discussed a text listing options for protecting individuals serving on constituted bodies under the Protocol from legal actions, including a COP/MOP decision granting them privileges and immunities, written confirmation from private entities to settle all disputes at the Secretariat’s headquarters and ad hoc arrangements.

Above photos L-R: View of the negotiations during a contact group session on Priviliges and Immunities; delegates from Argentina and Brazil in consultation.

DEFORESTATION:  Co-Chairs Hernán Carlino (Argentina) and Audun Rosland (Norway) presented draft text on the possible scope of the upcoming workshop on reducing emissions from deforestation. BRAZIL stressed that there should be no references to the Protocol or trading mechanisms.

Above photos L-R: Co-Chair Audun Rosland consulting with delegates and Jenny Wong, UNFCCC Secretariat; Raphael Azeredo in discussion with Thelma Krug and other members from the Brazilian delegation.


Above photos L-R: Delegates from the US consulting; Chilean delegate reading the new draft text. 
Workshop on Carbon Capture and Storage:

An in-session workshop on carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) convened Saturday. SBSTA Chair Kishan Kumarsingh explained that the workshop’s objective was to improve understanding of CCS through an overview of the IPCC Special Report, noting that it underscores CCS’s potential and highlights financial, social, environmental, legal, public perception and safety issues. He also indicated that the workshop would highlight experiences and lessons learned and said he would prepare a report for consideration at SBSTA 25.

Above photo L-R:
Halldor Thorgeirsson, SBSTA Coordinator and SBSTA Chair Kishan Kumarsingh (Trinidad and Tobago)  presided over the workshop on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage; view of the presentation during the workshop.

Above photo L-R: Henk Pagnier (The Netherlands) reported on experiences from coal enhanced bed methane projects; Bert Metz (IPCC) presented an overview of carbon dioxide capture and storage and IPCC SRCCS; Gabriela von Goerne (Greenpeace) provided environmental NGO perspectives.

Above photos L-R: View of the industry presentation; workshop panelists. 

Above photos L-R: Delegates from the US and Portugal; ENGOS in consultation.

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