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Twenty-Fourth sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) of the UNFCCC and First session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG) and related meetings

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Highlights for Monday, 22 May 2006


Contact groups and informal consultations were held throughout Monday on a wide range of issues, including adaptation, the Adaptation Fund, arrangements for intergovernmental meetings, capacity building (under both the Convention and the Protocol), deforestation, review of the financial mechanism, research and systematic observation, the Special Climate Change Fund and technology transfer. In addition, informal consultations continued under the AWG, and an in-session workshop on carbon capture and storage under the CDM took place.

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Contact Groups:


ADAPTATION: In the morning contact group, Co-Chair Plume presented draft conclusions containing initial activities of the five-year programme of work on adaptation. These were taken up in informal consultations throughout Monday afternoon and evening.

Above photos L-R: Co-Chair William Kojo Agyemang-Bonsu (Ghana), Co-Chair Helen Plume (New Zealand), and Olga Pilifosova, UNFCCC Secretariat.



Above photos L-R: view of the session of the Contact Group on Adaptation; Alf Wills (South Africa) consulting with delegates from the G77/China.


ADAPTATION FUND -KYOTO PROTOCOL:  Delegates considered whether to accept the co-chairs’ text as the basis for negotiations.

Above photos L-R: Daniele Violetti, UNFCCC Secretariat; Co-Chair Marcia Levaggi (Argentina); Co-Chair Karsten Sach (Germany) and Maria Netto, UNFCCC Secretariat; the Philippines in discussion with Iran.

SPECIAL CLIMATE CHANGE FUND: During informal discussions in the early afternoon, delegates discussed separate proposals from the Chair and the G-77/China for the paragraph on financing activities set out in Decision 7/CP.7, paragraph 2(d) (funding under the Convention).

Above photos L-R: Delegate from Canada reading the draft text on the Special Climate Change Fund;  Co-Chair Bubu Jallow (The Gambia) in discussion with Alexis Conrad, ENB


FINANCIAL MECHANISM: Delegates met informally during the day and in a contact group in the evening, at which time copies were distributed of a G-77/China proposal, an EU proposal, and a compilation of the proposals prepared by the Co-Chairs.

Above photos L-R: Co-Chair Marcia Levaggi (Argentina), Bernarditas Mueller (The Philippines), and Co-Chair Karsten Sach (Germany); Ricardo Moita (Portugal) (center) speaking to Maria Netto, UNFCCC Secretariat and Bernarditas Mueller (The Philippines)

RESEARCH AND SYSTEMATIC OBSERVATION: Informal consultations were held in the morning and afternoon before the contact group reconvened in the evening. Discussions focused on a bracketed paragraph on next steps and how to best facilitate interactive dialogue between parties, research programmes and the IPCC.

Above photos L-R: Delegates actively exchanging views during an informal session of the Contact Group on Research and Systematic Observation; Co-Chair María Paz Cigarán (Peru) speaking with Miquel Muñoz, ENB. 

AWG: Delegates met in informal consultations during the morning and the afternoon. In the morning, parties restated their positions, with talks focusing on what to include and what not to include in the group’s future discussions. Delegates underscored, inter alia, a sectoral approach, bunker fuels, and forestry. In addition, the EU provided background information with regard to its emissions reduction targets.

In the afternoon, delegates discussed the possibility of a workshop or other means to consider the scientific basis for Kyoto Protocol Article 3.9 (Annex I parties’ future commitments).

In the evening, a draft Chair’s text
on an approach to possible conclusions was distributed.

Above photos L-R: Delegates form Peru, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in a friendly conversation before the start of the Informals on the AWG; Maria Andrea Albán Durán (Colombia) speaking with AWG Chair Michael Zammit Cutajar.

BUNKER FUELS: In informal consultations on emissions from fuel used for international aviation and maritime transport, little progress was reported, with some parties expressing the view that forward movement was not possible without progress in other areas, such as Protocol Article 2.3 (adverse effects).

Above photos L-R: Delegates huddling outside the Informals on Bunker Fuels; José Romero (Switzerland) (left)  facilitating the Informals on Bunker Fuels, with Stelios Pesmajoglou, UNFCCC Secretariat. Workshop on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage:

An in-session workshop on carbon capture and storage (CCS) as CDM project activities convened on Monday. Session Co-Chairs Georg Børsting (Norway) and Hernán Carlino (Argentina) explained that the aim of the workshop was to open a dialogue regarding submissions to the Secretariat, as outlined in Decision 7/CMP.1, on the consideration of CCS as CDM project activities. This would take into account issues relating to project boundary, leakage and permanence.

Above photo L-R: Heleen de Coninck, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN); Sudhir Sharma, UNFCCC Secretariat, Grant Kirkman, UNFCCC Secretariat; Co-Chair
Georg Børsting (Norway); Hernán Carlino (Argentina) and Janos Pazstor, UNFCCC Secretariat.

Above photo L-R:  Grant Kirkman, UNFCCC Secretariat; view of the morning session of the workshop.

The World Cup of SB 24:

Above photos: In the traditional Sunday Soccer pre-World Cup qualifying extravaganza, the multi-colored team finally prevailed against the blue-gray team - 4-3 after a second half winner by UK's Terry Carrington! A great time was had by all. Cheers!

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