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Twenty-Fourth sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) of the UNFCCC and First session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG) and related meetings

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Highlights for Wednesday, 24 May 2006


Contact groups and informal consultations continued throughout Wednesday on issues such as adaptation, the Adaptation Fund, arrangements for intergovernmental meetings, the Brazilian proposal, capacity building, the Mauritius Strategy on small island developing States, privileges and immunities, and technology transfer. In addition, the AWG convened for informal discussions throughout the day and into the night.

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Contact Groups:


CAPACITY BUILDING:  The contact group considered the Co-Chairs’ proposal for SBI conclusions on monitoring capacity building activities. Many delegates noted that while they were close to agreeing on a compilation and synthesis report on capacity building activities, other issues required more negotiation.

Above photos L-R: Paul Desanker, UNFCCC Secretariat Co-Chairs Crispin D'Auvergne (Saint Lucia) and Anders Turesson (Sweden); delegates from the US and Australia consulting.


ARRANGEMENTS FOR INTERGOVERNMENTAL MEETINGS: On Wednesday morning, the contact group completed its work after making a number of revisions to the Co-Chairs' draft text. This text was agreed following discussions on the work schedule and organization of COP 12, COP/MOP 2 and future meetings, and on the status of observer parties to the Protocol.

Above photos L-R:
Co-Chair Sandea De Wet (South Africa) speaking to a delegate; Richard Kinley, Officer-In-Charge, UNFCCC Secretariat exchanging views with the EU and the UNFCCC Secretariat.


Above photos L-R: ENB's Climate Team Leader Chris Spence consults with Chad Carpenter, UNFCCC Secretariat; Trigg Talley (US) with Robert Owen-Jones, Australia.  

Above photos L-R: Mohammed Salem Sorour Al-Sabban (Saudi Arabia) in discussion with Robert Owen-Jones, Australia; a delegate from Brazil in a conversation with a delegate from Iran. 

PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES: Delegates met informally and in a contact group in the morning to consider draft conclusions and an SBI decision. Discussions covered whether conclusions should focus on immunities only or privileges and immunities. Agreement was reached on draft conclusions and the contact group concluded its work. The draft text for a decision will remain as a non-paper to inform further discussions in Nairobi .

Above photos L-R:
Delegates in a huddle outside the Contact Group on Privileges and Immunities; the EU consulting with Nigeria.

ADAPTATION FUND: Delegates met informally in the morning and afternoon, and in a contact group meeting in the evening. Informal consultations included discussions on a G-77/China proposal on information that should be requested from institutions that could manage the Fund.

Above photos L-R: Co-Chair Marcia Levaggi (Argentina) consulting with the G77/China; Co-Chairs Levaggi and Sachs (Germany) in a discussion with Bernarditas Mueller (the Philippines) and Sandra De Wet (South Africa)

HFC-23: The contact group on HFC-23 met to adopt draft conclusions agreed previously during informal consultations.

Above photos L-R: Co-Chair Georg Børsting (Norway); view of the Contact Group on HFC in session. 

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: Delegates met in informal consultations throughout the day to discuss the Co-Chairs’ draft conclusions. Discussions focused on issues such as whether the SBSTA should be "endorsing" or "recognizing" EGTT’s recommendations, technology needs assessments and their implementation on a sectoral basis, barriers to technology transfer, financing and technical support, and consideration of future actions at SBSTA 25. A contact group met in the evening and agreed on draft conclusions, concluding the group’s work.

Above photos L-R: View of the Contact Group on Technology Transfer drafting text; Co-Chair Kunihiko Shimada (Japan)

Informals: Adaptation

Above photos L-R: EU delegates in a huddle during the Informals on Adaptation.
PRESS Conference: Climate Action Network (CAN)

Above photos L-R: The dais during the CAN Press Conference with Yuri Onodera (Friends of the Earth International), Steven Guilbeault (Greenpeace International), Gary Cook (US Climate Action Network) and Stephan Singer (WWF).


Above photo: The ducklings at the Maritim Hotel courtyard reminding delegates of the synergies between Climate Change and Biodiversity - Happy Biodiversity Day - 22 May 2006.

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