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Second Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended
Working Group on Protected Areas

11 February - 15 February 2008 | Rome, Italy
Highlights from Thursday 14 February 2008
Delegates to the second meeting of the Ad hoc Open-ended Working Group on Protected Areas (WGPA 2) convened in plenary throughout the day where they considered a conference room paper (CRP) on Options for Mobilizing, as a Matter of Urgency, Through Different Mechanisms Adequate and Timely Resources for the Implementation of the PoWPA and a revised CRP on Review of Implementation of the PoWPA.

The International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB), protested against their restricted participation...



... and all indigenous and local community representatives withdrew from the meeting.
Chair Ositadinma Anaedu responded that the IIFB intervention was ill-timed, that all efforts had been made to accommodate indigenous and local community participation, and intergovernmental processes should not be abused for publicity.

Meeting suspended:
The meeting was suspended for consultations following requests from the EU and Canada

Chair Ositadinma Anaedu surrounded by delegates.
Aurelien Mofouma, Network of Central African Protected Areas and Mahamat Habibou, Cameroon



Victor Canton, Uruguay, Fernando Perez, Chile and José Luis Sutera, Argentina
South African delegates react to the walk-out.

Julia Miranda, Colombia and Fernando Coimbra, Brazil
EU delegates discussed their response.

When plenary reconvened, Chair Ositadinma Anaedu reiterated that the process remains open to the participation of all observers and made assurances that the IIFB’s proposals would be included in the text with the endorsement of parties, which was welcomed by delegates.

Options for mobilizing financial resources:

Ukraine, for Central and Eastern Europe, stressed that “developing countries” should include reference to Least Developed Countries, Small Islands Developing States and countries with economies in transition.
Swaziland, for the African Group, proposed adding language stating that GEF procedures should be reviewed to remove impediments for developing countries to access GEF funding.

Desireé Vergara, Panama, proposed stating that countries should earmark, as appropriate, resources for capacity building for the analysis of threats and pressures facing PA systems.
Cheng Wei Xue, China, supported by Cuba, Brazil and others, proposed deleting reference to innovative financial mechanisms listed in document.
Janet Lowe, New Zealand, on diversification of income sources, requested deletion of a reference to the retention of revenues generated at site level.

Ole Hendrickson, Canada
Stefan Krug, Greenpeace
Fernando León Morales, Peru

Side Event: Managing Protected Areas in the 21st Century
IUCN presented a new handbook: "Managing Protected Areas: A Global Guide," which establishes the conceptual underpinning and guiding principles for worldwide protected area management.

Nik Lopoukhine (left), Chair of IUCN-WCPA, explained that the publication synthesizes the critical mass of material derived from the 2003 IUCN World Parks Congress, as a reference for protected areas.

Federico Cinquepalmi (right), Italian Ministry of Environment and Member of the Countdown 2010 Advisory Board, underscored the importance of involving business to move beyond the conservation community with the biodiversity message.

Nikon for Parks presented a pilot project to build business support for protected areas. In collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea, the project showcased how business can assist in raising awareness for protected areas. It aims to establish multi-functional photo centers that will provide technical equipment and training for photo shooting and bird watching, and host photo exhibits.

Sebastian Winkler welcomed this commitment from Nikon as a contribution to Countdown 2010.

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