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Second Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended
Working Group on Protected Areas

11 February - 15 February 2008 | Rome, Italy
Highlights from Wednesday, 13 February 2008
Delegates to the second meeting of the Ad hoc Open-ended Working Group on Protected Areas (WGPA 2) convened in plenary throughout the day where they considered conference room papers (CRPs) on Review of Implementation of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA) and on Options for Mobilizing, through Different Mechanisms, Adequate and Timely Resources for the Implementation of the PoWPA.



Ositadinma Anaedu (middle) chaired the meeting and invited delegates to address the CRP on Review of Implementation of the PoPWA.
José Luis Sutera, Argentina, called for the designation of dedicated national focal points for PAs.

Akram Eissa Darwich, Syria, called for a high-level committee on ways and means to accelerate implementation of the PoWPA.
Soumayila Bance, Burkina Faso, suggested moving a reference on datasets regarding PA relevance for carbon sequestration to the preamble.
Ananta V. Parajuli, Nepal, said co-managed PAs should be “recognized” as PAs rather than “incorporated” in PA management.


Arild Lindgaard, Norway
Brazilian Delegates
Mandiaye Ndiaye, Senegal

Abdul Munaf Qaimkhani, Pakistan, proposed text stating that parties should transmit to the Secretariat national reports on the implementation of the PoWPA.
Gopalan Balachandhran, India, proposed replacing language on regional and subregional fora for establishing transboundary PAs with “bilateral or multilateral mechanisms for cooperation.”

Maria Mbengashe, South Africa
Fernando Perez, Chile


Marco Vinicio Araya, Costa Rica, proposed text calling on multilateral and bilateral agencies to strengthen their technical and financial support for the implementation of the gap analysis, sharing experiences and creating financial mechanisms.
Mohamed Aghmaty, Mali, recommended that parties put in place a flexible structure for managing PAs, with countries determining the appropriate mechanism for CBD coordination at the national level.



Participants consulting in the corridors



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