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Second Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended
Working Group on Protected Areas

11 February - 15 February 2008 | Rome, Italy
Highlights from Tuesday, 12 February 2008
Delegates to the second meeting of the Ad hoc Open-ended Working Group on Protected Areas (WGPA 2) convened in plenary throughout the day where they considered the Review of Implementation of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA) and explored options for mobilizing, through different mechanisms, adequate and timely financial resources for the PoWPA.

Marcela Aguiñaga, Minister of Environment, Ecuador, presented Ahmed Djoghlaf, CBD Executive Secretary, with a gift for the CBD Museum for Nature and Culture.


Marcela Aguiñaga, Minister of Environment, Ecuador, said the national PA system is estimated to contribute US$1 billion annually to the domestic economy.
Almathami Hassan-Mohammad, Saudi Arabia, highlighted the relevance of regional workshops and training on biodiversity issues.
Marco Vinicio Araya, Costa Rica, proposed the creation of appropriate institutional platforms to support progress on financial sustainability and the enhancement of GEF activities related to PAs.

Soumayila Bance, Burkina Faso
Adrian Lasimbang, International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity

Colombian delegates
Linda Krueger and Matthew Hatchwell, Wildlife Conservation Society


Tina Loeffelbein, Greenpeace, urged parties to address pressing issues such as illegal logging and funding constraints.
Osita Anaedu, Nigeria, proposed strengthening the link between PA management and development.
Jannie Lasimbang, Indigenous Peoples Committee on Conservation


Nik Lopoukhine, Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, proposed using IUCN's expertise to overcome impediments to implementation.
Matthew Hatchwell,Wildlife Conservation Society, presented on reduced carbon emissions through avoided deforestation in PAs as an innovative sustainable financing tool.
Jean-Pierre Agnangoye, Network of Central African Protected Areas, called for regular regional coordination meetings and proposed national institutions to oversee stakeholder activities.


Gordana Beltram, Slovenia, on behalf of the EU, proposed that the COP identify specific voluntary innovative mechanisms.
Deon Alexander Stewart, the Bahamas, stressed long-term instruments such as endowment funds.

Ole Hendrickson, Canada, stressed that any strategy for resource mobilization should be appropriate, voluntary and flexible.
Shirin Karryeva, Turkmenistan, highlighted constraints including weak legislative frameworks, inadequate capacity and lack of biodiversity databases.
Fernando Coimbra, Brazil, opposed references to the multifunctionality of PAs, cautioning against possible trade impacts.

Miquel Lovera, Global Forest Coalition
Stefan Krug, Greenpeace
Tengue Kokou Treve, Togo

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