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Eighth Conference of the Parties  to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-8)

20-31 March 2006| Curitiba, Brazil

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Friday, 31 March 2006

Delegates to the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP-8) met in two working groups to approve draft decisions and draft reports of the working groups.

Above photos top-bottom: Delegates from G77/China in consultation regarding the nomination of two permanent Co-Chairs of ABS; EU, Japan and Australia.


Marine genetic resources:

On Friday, 31 March, WG-I Chair Jebb suggested to revert to the original wording of the SBSTTA recommendation 11/8 (deep seabed genetic resources). Norway preferred requesting the Executive Secretary, in collaboration with the UN Division on Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea, to “further collate and analyze information on biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction and the threats to it,” rather than “further analyze and explore options for preventing and mitigating impacts of some activities to selected seabed habitats”, as in the SBSTTA-11 recommendation. Many delegates expressed reluctance to reopen the wording of the SBSTTA decision at this late stage, and Australia suggested introducing a footnote highlighting COP-8 further consideration of the relationship between the CBD and UNGA and referring to the draft recommendation on marine PAs beyond national jurisdiction. Norway expressed disappointment that COP-8 had not engaged in any substantive discussions on marine genetic resources, thereby reserving the right to introduce a footnote into the document and make a statement in plenary for inclusion in COP-8 report.

Mexico requested inserting text from the chapeau of the SBSTTA-11 recommendation suggesting that the COP should be aware of a preliminary range of options that parties or other States may utilize for the protection of deep seabed genetic resources beyond national jurisdiction. Delegates approved the draft decision containing the original SBSTTA recommendation, the note suggested by Mexico and another note reserving Norway ’s right to introduce a footnote.  

Above photos L-R: Tone Solhaug (Norway), and Hesiquio Benitez-Diaz (Mexico)

Integrated marine and coastal area management (IMCAM):

Australia , supported by Argentina , suggested text noting that parties are at different stages in developing marine and coastal management frameworks and that integrated marine and coastal area management (IMCAM) can assist in informing these existing processes where relevant. Supported by many, the EU suggested inviting funding agencies to enter into partnerships with developing country parties according to their national priorities.

Above photos L-R: Linus Spencer Thomas (Grenada) and Elaine Fisher (Jamaica); Susan Jones (Australia) and Claudio Gutierrez (Argentina)



WG-II addressed a draft decision (CRP.15), including bracketed language on synergies between the Rio Conventions to increase the effectiveness of financial resources. Presenting a compromise reached following contact group negotiations, Mexico suggested that the in-depth review of the availability of financial resources explore options on how the synergy among the financial mechanisms of the three Rio Conventions can be promoted, taking fully into account the respective guidance and priority of their respective COPs, and each Convention’s scope and mandate, while ensuring the integrity of resources available to each convention throughout its respective financial mechanism. WG-II then approved the draft decision.

Above photos L-R: WG-II Chair Sem Shikongo consulting with Valerie Normand and Dan Ogolla of the CBD Secretariat; CG chair on Budget Osita Anaedu (Nigeria); Hadil Fontes da Rocha Vianna (Brazil), Tewolde Berhan Egzhiaber (Ethiopia) and Henrique Choer Moraes (Brazil); 


Above photo L-R: The dais during closing plenary with CBD Executive Secretary Ahmed Djoghlaf, COP-8 President Silva, Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado (Brazil) and Olivier Jalbert (CBD)

Above photo: WG-I Chair Matthew Jebb (Ireland) Above photo: WG-II Sem Shikongo (Namibia)

Plenary elected by acclamation Fernando Casas (Colombia) and Tim Hodges (Canada) as Co-Chairs of the Working Group on Access and Benefit-sharing, to preside over the negotiations of the international regime on access and benefit-sharing.

Above photo: Timothy Hodges (Canada) and Fernando Casas (Colombia)

Regional groups representatives delivered statements of appreciation. Germany, expressed their intention in hosting COP-9 and invited delegates to Germany in 2008. The Ban Terminator Campaign thanked parties for maintaining the moratorium against genetic use restriction technologies. The IIFB expressed serious about the readiness by some parties to undermine the human rights of indigenous peoples in the negotiation process on ABS.

Above photo L-R:
Dirk Schwenzfeier (Germany), Lucy Sharratt (Ban Terminator Campaign) and Lourdes Amos (IIFB)


Highlighting the biggest number of participants ever, Ahmed Djoghlaf said the meeting initiates a new era of implementation and will be remembered as an historical landmark. COP-8 President Marina Silva gaveled the meeting to a close at 12:59 am.

Above photo: Rapporteur Navaan-Yunden Ayundari; CBD Executive Secretary Ahmed Djoghlaf and COP-8 President  Marina Silva (Brazil)


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20 March

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