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Second Meeting of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture acting as the Interim Committee for the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

15-19 November 2004, Rome, Italy

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Highlights for Friday, 19 November 2004

On Friday morning, Colombia, on behalf of the G-77 introduced their proposal on the funding strategy, highlighting that the standard MTA and the funding strategy are equally important for the ITPGR implementation. Above photo L-R: Chair Harvey being briefed by Ricardo Carrasco Torres (Colombia) and Maria Angelica Ikeda (Brazil) on the outcome of the G77/China consultations.


 He outlined steps for preparing the draft text of the funding strategy, including submission of views by Parties to the Secretariat and preparation of a study on a range of issues regarding: the status of ITPGR Article 18.4 with regard to financial resources available to the Treaty; resource availability mechanisms; status of allocation of funds by developed countries; status of national, bilateral, regional and multilateral resources; prediction of monetary benefits derived from commercialization; estimation of target fund achieved during the next five to ten years and strategies to achieve that target; and estimates of a target fund required to cover Treaty activities and operational costs. Left photo: Ricardo Carrasco Torres (Colombia)

The EU agreed using the G-77 proposal for further development of the funding strategy by the Secretariat, requesting that their suggestions be also taken into account. Above photo L-R: Dutch delegates, Dirk de Jong, René Lefeber and Hans Hoogeveen in consultation during a break in plenary.

JAPAN supported the proposal, on the understanding that drafting the funding strategy does not slow down the MTA process. Above photo: Hideo Inomata (Japan)

The US suggested addressing the item in the first session of the Governing Body. Above photo: David Hegwood (US)

IRAN stressed the need for a process to prepare a draft to facilitate discussions and suggested that an inter-sessional working group address the rules of procedure and the funding strategy. Above photo: Javad Mozafari (Iran)

In the afternoon, Chair Harvey presented the Plenary with a compromise reached by the group of friends of the Chair, providing for continued work in the inter-sessional open-ended working group, on the basis of a combination of the G-77 and EU proposals. 

Above photo L-R:
The dais during closing plenary with Alvaro Toledo (CGRFA), Arturo Martinez (FAO), Mohamed Solh (FAO), Jose Esquinas Alcazar, Secretary of the CGRFA, Chair Harvey Clive Stannard (CGRFA), Martin Smith (CGRFA) and Kent Nnadozie (CGRFA)

Chair Harvey thanked
Jose "Pepe" Esquinas Alcazar and Clive Stannard for their invaluable contribution to the Commission and wished them well in their retirement. 

Above photo: The dais giving Jose "Pepe" Esquinas Alcazar and Clive Stannard of the CGRFA a standing ovation.

Above photo: Delegates to the second session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA) acting as Interim Committee for the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGR) gave
Jose "Pepe" Esquinas Alcazar and Clive Stannard of the CGRFA a standing ovation.

Above photo: Chair Harvey signalling his appreciation to delegates, interpreters, and Secretariat staff for their hard work and dedication.

The closing Plenary convened at 11.20 pm, Friday night. Delegates adopted the report, with minor amendments and corrections. The Netherlands, on behalf of the EU, highlighted aspects of the week’s processes that have not been productive, and stressed that spending no time in smaller groups should not become a precedent. He expressed his appreciation to Chair Harvey, the Secretariat and the Earth Negotiations Bulletin for their contribution to the meeting. Chair Harvey gaveled the meeting to a close at 12.20 am.


Above photos L-R: Alfred Mtukuso (Malawi); Uk delegates, Fernando Latorre, Jane Bulmer and Martyn Ibbotson; Maris Gavino (The Philippines), Han Hee Chan (Malaysia) and Hideo Inomata (Japan)

Above photos L-R: Mario Marino (Italy) in discussion with Jose Esquinas Alcazar, Secretary of the CGRFA; ENB writer Elsa Tsioumani interviewing Cheikh Alassane Fall (Senegal); Kristianne Herrmann (Australia), Brad Fraleigh (CGRFA) and Arturo Martinez (FAO)

Above photos L-R: Anwar Rashid (Pakistan) and Abdur Razzaque (Bangladesh); Malaysian delegates, Wee Beng Ee, Mohammad Gaddafi bin Denis, Wan Darman Wan Abdullah, Mohammad Shukar Nordin and Mohammad Fazin Mahmud; Kent Nnadozie (CGRFA)

Above photo L-R: ENB writer Asmita Bhardwaj interviewing Saulo Ceolin (Brazil); Chair Harvey in consultation with the Secretariat and Rapporteur; Stefan Jungcurt interviewing Dirk de Jong (The Netherlands)

The ITPGR-2 and CGRFA-10 ENB Team:

Above photo L-R: Jose "Pepe" Esquinas Alcazar with ENB's Angeles Estrada, Stefan Jungcurt, Asmita Bhardwaj and Elisa Morgera

Above photo L-R: Stefan Jungcurt, Franz Dejon, Jose "Pepe" Esquinas Alcazar, Elizabeth Matos (Angola), Elsa Tsiuomani, Asmita Bhardwaj, Elisa Morgera and Angeles Estrada.



Emile Frison, Director General of the International Plant Genetic Resources (IPGRI) (left) presented IPGRI's new strategic direction through its "Diversity for Well-being." He showed delegates on-going agricultural diversity projects that promote social, economic and environmental benefits, two examples mentioned are Tamil Nadu: Nutrious Millets and African Leafy Vegetables. He also noted the IPGRI's membership to the Future Harvest Alliance, a global grouping of research centers focused on rural development and poverty alleviation through better and sustainable use of agriculture. For further information on IPGRI and its involvement with Future Harvest please visit their websites at and .

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