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Tenth Regular Session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA-10)

8-12 November 2004, Rome, Italy

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Highlights for Friday, 12 November 2004

On Friday, delegates discussed ways to proceed with the development of the draft code of conduct on biotechnology. Noting delayed submission of the report, Australia, Canada, Uruguay and the US suggested its further consideration at CGRFA-11. Above photo L-R: The US and Canada reviewing the draft document on the future work of the Commssion, from left: David B. Hegwood (USA), Campbel Davidson, Bryan Harvey and Isabelle Therrien (Canada)


Angola, Cuba and Norway emphasized the importance of the issue for developing countries and the need for progress. Above photos L-R: Grethe Evjen (Norway) in discussion with Chair Lim and Elizabeth Matos (Angola)

A Cuban proposal to address the item at the first meeting of the ITPGR Governing Body did not receive support, and delegates finally accepted Chair Lim’s suggestion to consider relevant elements of the code during preparation of the MYPOW, for further discussion at CGRFA-11. above photo: Modesto Fernández (Cuba)

The EU called for an inter-sessional process to keep the issue under review. 

The Secretariat recalled that the ITWG-PGR will address the IPGRI guidelines on transgenes in ex situ collections, and that the CBD COP has requested the Commission to work on GURTs. Chair Lim (center) presented a document on the future work of the Commission, as agreed in a contact group composed of regional representatives. The Commission approved the document by acclamation. Above photo L-R: Jose Esquinas, CGRFA Secretary, Richard Laing (CGRFA), Chair Lim, Clive Stannard (CGRFA) and Martin Smith (CGRFA)


Grethe Evjen,  CGRFA Rapporteur presented the Report of the meeting and introduced textual and substantive amendments. Delegates adopted the Report as amended. Chair Lim expressed appreciation to Pepe Esquinas and Clive Stannard for their invaluable contribution to the work of the Commission. He gaveled the meeting to a close at 10:10 pm. 

Lunchtime Briefing about the
International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) 

Makoto Tabata (right), International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) outlined key issues relating to the UPOV convention, including voluntary protection of "farmers' privileges" to save seeds and implementation in harmony with other international instruments such as TRIPs and the CBD.


Above photos L-R: Hamdallah Zedan, CBD Executive Secretary, David Cooper (CBD), Hans Hoogeven (The Netherlands), Arturo Martinez (FAO), Alvaro Toledo (CGRFA) and Linda Collette (FAO)

Above photos L-R: Maris Gavino (The Philippines), Tang Shengyao (China), and Luis Bombin (CGRFA)

Above photos L-R: Jane Toll (IPGRI), Patrick Mulvany (ITDG), Rebecca Musyoka (Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum), Clive Stannard (CGRFA), Juan Villar (Friends of the Earth), Li Chin Lim (TWN), and Margaret Mohapi (South Africa)

Above photos L-R: Havald Bajovat (Germany), Siboniso Moyo (Zimbabwe), and Hasan H. Sharaf (Kuwait)

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