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First Meeting of the Governing Body of the 
International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

12-16 June 2006| Madrid, Spain

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Highlights for Wednesday, 14 June 2006

On Wednesday, 14 June 2006, Working Group I (WG-I) considered the rules of procedure and compliance. Working Group II (WG-II) continued consideration of the funding strategy, and discussed the appointment of the Secretary, the establishment of a technical advisory committee, and the relationship with the Global Crop Diversity Trust (the Trust). The contact group on the draft standard Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) met in the morning and in the evening, and the budget committee reconvened in the evening.

Working Group I

The Secretariat introduced the draft rules of procedure and annotated draft rules of procedure (IT/GB/06/3 and Add.1). Delegates debated whether decisions by the Governing Body should be made by consensus or majority. WG-I Chair Bryan Harvey (Canada) called upon a small group to discuss the decision-making rule.
  Arlene Villalaz (Panama, on behalf of GRULAC).   Amanda Garay (Canada, on behalf of the North American Region).  
  Ali Al-Shurai (Yemen).   Adriana Tescari (Brazil).   Jane Bulmer (UK, on behalf of the European Region).  
On rules of procedure, delegates, among other things, agreed to delete a rule stating that amendments to the rules of procedure may only be proposed by one quarter of parties, and to retain a rule stating the overriding authority of the Treaty over the Governing Body rules of procedure.
  Sugiono Moeljopawiro (Indonesia, on behalf of the Asian Region).   Javad Mozafari (Iran, on behalf of the Near East Region).  
MTA Contact Group Chair Godfrey Mwila (Zambia) presented a progress report on reaching an agreement on the draft Standard MTA. Mwila indicated that defining “product” was a key outstanding issue.
  Judy Garfield (Australia, on behalf the Southwest Pacific Region).   Godfrey Mwila (Zambia).   Ana Berretta (Uruguay).  
On compliance, delegates agreed that procedures and measures include monitoring, and offering assistance and advice, including legal advice, when needed, in particular to developing countries and economies in transition.
  Matt Burton (US).   Hideo Inomata (Japan).  
  M. W. Tawil (Syria).   Prakash Tiwari (India).  


Working Group II

Delegates continued consideration of the draft funding strategy. An informal group convened at lunchtime to further discussions.
  Mohamed Khalifa (Egypt).   Gillian Maggs-Koelling (Namibia).   Abbas Ibrahim Hamdi (Sudan).  
  Margaret Gutiérrez (Venezuela, on behalf of GRULAC).   Martyn Ibbotson (UK).  
On resources not under the direct control of the Governing Body, delegates agreed to keep a reference to funds provided through bilateral, regional and multilateral channels. On monitoring, many delegates supported reviewing the funding strategy every second session of the Governing Body.
  Saulo Ceolin (Brazil).   Auguste Richard Paraina (Madagascar).   Campbell G. Davidson (Canada).  
Fernando Gerbasi (Chair, Global Crop Diversity Trust) introduced a draft relationship agreement between the Governing Body and the Trust (IT/GB-1/06/14).
  Fernando Gerbasi (Chair, Global Crop Diversity Trust).   From left to right: Martin Smith (CGRFA) and Dan Leskien (CGRFA).  
  S. Nagarajan (India).   Ahmad Dimyati (Working Group II Chair).  






  Rolando Estrada (Peru) reads the Bulletin.   Jan Engels (CGIAR - IPGRI) discusses the Bulletin with ENB writers Reem Hajjar (left) and Stefan Jungcurt (right).  
  Ana Bianchi (Argentina) and Margaret Gutiérrez (Venezuela) consult in WG-II.   Adriana Tescari (Brazil - left), Celia Torres (Venezuela - middle) and Ana Berretta (Uruguay - right) consult in WG-I.  
  Martyn Ibbotson (UK - left), Luis Salaices (Spain - second from the left), Cozima Hufler (Austria - second from the right) and a fourth delegate discuss the European Region position.   Delegates search for plant genetic resources on the football field, meanwhile Spain beats Ukraine 4-0 in the World Cup.  

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