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First Meeting of the Governing Body of the 
International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

12-16 June 2006| Madrid, Spain

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Highlights for Friday, 16 June 2006

0220 CEST (GMT +0200) on Saturday morning - First Session of the Governing Body of the ITPGR was successfully concluded.

On Friday, the Working Groups reconvened in the morning to address outstanding issues. Working Group I (WG-I) heard reports on progress achieved by informal consultations on the rules of procedure and compliance, and by the contact group on the standard Material Transfer Agreement (MTA); and continued consideration of the rules of procedure and compliance. Working Group II (WG-II) continued discussions on the funding strategy, the establishment of a technical advisory committee, the financial rules, arrangements for the appointment of the Secretary, and relationship with the Global Crop Diversity Trust. The Working Groups reconvened from 17-1800 CEST (GMT +0200) to complete their work, and adopt their reports.

The closing plenary convened at 2147 CEST (GMT +0200). WG-I Chair Harvey reported on the successful conclusion of the deliberations of the Friends of the Chair group on the MTA. Plenary adopted by acclamation the standard MTA, including provisions on: FAO as the third party beneficiary; a percentage of 1.1% as the fixed percentage a recipient shall pay when a product is commercialized yet not available without restriction to others for further research and breeding; and 0.5% for the alternative payments scheme.

By the end of the closing plenary on Saturday at 0220 CEST (GMT +0200), the Governing Body had approved, among other things: a clean text on the rules of procedure; financial rules with bracketed text on an indicative scale of voluntary contributions; a resolution establishing a compliance committee; the relationship agreement with the Global Crop Diversity Trust; a model agreement with the IARCs of the CGIAR and other international institutions; and the budget and work programme for 2006-2007.


  Pat Mooney (ETC Group - right), on behalf of the Civil Society Organisations, presented the first Herman Warsh Memorial Award to José Esquinas Alcázar (Secretary CGRFA - left) in recognition of outstanding service to the genetic resources community.  
  Willhelmia R. Pelegrina (SEARICE).   Wee Beng Ee (Malaysia).   Amb. Christer Wretborn (Sweden).  
  François Pythoud (Switzerland).   Blotoyoum Koumbrait (Chad).  
  Amanda Garay (Canada).   Martyn Ibbotson (UK).   Laisene Samuelu (Samoa).  
  Australian, Canadian and European delegates discuss their positions.   Shivaji Pandey (FAO) and Fernando Gerbasi (Global Crop Diversity Trust) sign the relationship agreement between the Governing Body and the GCDT.  
  Eng Siang Lim (Chair of Contact Group for the Drafting of the Standard MTA)   Grethe Evjen (Norway).  
  Godfrey Mwila (Zambia).   Gerald Moore (CGIAR)   Silvana Maselli Sánchez (Guatemala).  
  S. Nagarajan (India).   Arlene Villalaz (Panama, on behalf of GRULAC).  
From left to right: Eileen Larkin (FAO), Yohannes Tensure (Eritrea), Martin Smith (CGRFA), José Esquinas Alcázar (CGRFA), Francisco Mombiela Muruzábal (Chair), Clive Stannard (CGRFA), Kent Nnadozie (CGRFA), Bryan Harvey (WG-I Chair, Canada) and Ahmad Dimyati (WG-II Chair, Indonesia).


Working Group I

  Bryan Harvey (WG-I Chair)   Fouad Maalouf (Lebanon)  
  Prakash Tiwari (India).   Ali Al-Shurai (Yemen).  

Working Group I heard the report on progress achieved through informal negotiations on compliance, with outstanding issues remaining on the establishment of a compliance committee and the committee’s interim provisional procedures. BRAZIL and ASIA reiterated their opposition to the immediate establishment of a compliance committee. Eventually, bracketed text on the establishment of the compliance committee and its provisional procedures was forwarded to plenary.

  Delegates gather before WG-I convenes.   Amanda Garay (Canada, on behalf of the North American Region).  
The Standard MTA Contact Group Chair Mwila (Zambia) reported agreement on most outstanding issues on the standard MTA, with levels of payment and some clarifications on the definition of “product” remaining outstanding. WG-I Chair Harvey decided to establish a Friends of the Chair group to finalize the draft standard MTA, which was convened in the morning.
  Jane Bulmer (UK, on behalf of the European Region).  

René Lefeber (Deputy Chair of Working Group I)


1300 CEST (GMT +0200) - Working Group I then reached agreement on several outstanding issues related to the rules of procedure and forwarded a bracketed text to plenary on decision making and on expenses related to the participation of representatives of developing countries and economies in transition to the Governing Body’s sessions.



Working Group II


1215 CEST (GMT +0200) - After lenghty negotiations, agreement was reached on intersessional consideration of the possible establishment of a permanent advisory committee.

On financial rules, Japan reiterated its opposition to using an indicative scale for voluntary contributions. The EUROPEAN REGION, supported by CANADA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, ANGOLA and BRAZIL, called for deferring the issue to plenary discussion.

  Modesto Fernández (Cuba)   Martyn Ibbotson (UK, on behalf of the European Region).   Carlos Amaral (Angola).  
  Hideo Inomata (Japan).   Auguste Richard Paraina (Madagascar).  
WG-II wraps up work.



  Lajos Horváth (Hungary) reads the ENB.   Fadilah Al-Salameen (Kuwait).  

The ENB Team

  Elisa Morgera (Italy).   Reem Hajjar (Canada/Lebanon).  
  Rado Dimitrov (Canada).   Harry Jonas (UK).   Stefan Jungcurt (Germany).  
  Anders Gonçalves da Silva (Brasil/Australia).   Nancy Williams (USA).  

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