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United Nations Forum on Forests, Third Session
26 May - 6 June 2003 Geneva, Switzerland 

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Tuesday, 3 June 2003

On Tuesday, delegates convened in Plenary to complete discussion on reporting format. Delegates met in a morning contact group and evening informal consultation to work on a decision relating to enhanced cooperation. Delegates also met in working groups to  consider decisions on forest health and productivity (FHP), economic aspects of forest (EAF), and maintaining forest cover (MFC). In the evening, delegates met in an informal consultation to address the resolutions on the Trust Fund and the terms of reference for ad hoc expert groups. Above photo: Delegates from the EU in conversation with Chair Gustavo Ainchil (Argentina).


Hossein Moeini Meybodi (Iran) chaired the contact group on enhancing cooperation.

The US stressed the importance of strategic work of the UNFF member states to "identify the areas of action indicated by the IPP/IFF proposals for action as priority actions for the governing bodies of the CPF in which they are also the members." Left photo L-R: Jan McAlpine (US) with a delegate from India.

With regard to collaboration between UNFF and international institutions, Canada cautioned against overemphasis on the Convention on Biological Diversity and stressed cooperation with the Convention to Combat Desertification and the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

South Africa, on behalf of G77/China, adds that the UNFF member states need to identify the priorities of action according to their national priorities.

Switzerland questioned the need to adopt recommendations and suggested focusing on lessons learned.


Conceição Ferreira (Portugal) (far right) chaired Working Group I, which discussed the Chair's Draft Text for a resolution on forest health and productivity (FHP).

CANADA remarked that the draft is a repetition of previous recommendations.

The US, expressed concern regarding the large number of proposed actions, and suggested listing lessons learned and focal areas as a summary of UNFF-3's discussions rather than as new proposals for action.

BRAZIL called for an opportunity to list new actions to accommodate for emerging issues.

The G-77/China said that existing proposals for action mainly address air pollution, and underscored the need to also address in the resolutions other factors affecting FHP.

NORWAY, suggested to avoid judging the effects of climate as positive or negative as science is inconclusive on this topic and local impacts may vary.

AUSTRALIA noted that climate change may have either positive or negative effect on the health and productivity of various forests types.

The RUSSIAN FEDERATION urged developed countries to assist developing countries and countries with economies in transition facing social and economic difficulties to maintain and enhance FHP.


Gustavo Eduardo Ainchil (Argentina) (far right), chaired a working group that on economic aspects of forests. 

CONGO highlighted the potential for participation in FAO work, particularly as related to non-wood products.

MEXICO described its new forestry legislation which includes a new incentive system, noting that it dealt not only with wood products but also with forest services.

CHILE stressed the importance of incentives for private sector to ensure that they manage forests responsibly.

BRAZIL noted that other countries could contribute useful examples of incentive measures for private investment.

The EU noted the benefit of learning from both positive and negative examples on economic viability. Left photo: EU delegates with Chair Gustavo Ainchil (Argentina) (near left).

CHINA objected to declaring partnerships to be of "crucial" importance to SFM.  


Peter Csóka (Hungary), chaired the working group on MFC.
In the afternoon, delegates met in a working group to discuss a draft resolution on maintaining forest cover. 

The G-77/CHINA stressed the distinction between forest values and forest services, noted that criteria and indicators (C&I) for SFM are voluntary tools, and asked for separate paragraphs addressing the undervaluation of forests and achieving effective intersectoral cooperation.

NORWAY called for more emphasis on poverty reduction and preserving biodiversity.

The REPUBLIC OF KOREA called for reference to afforestation activities in marginal farmlands and wastelands.


In the evening, delegates discussed in an informal consultation matters relating to the UNFF trust fund. On daily subsistance allowance for developing country participants, a major country speculated that it is the interpretation of the rules of the UN General Assembly that causes confusion. Questions were asked about the terms of reference of the UNFF's own trust fund and the possibility to earmark funds for specific goals. The Secretariat clarified that the UNFF trust fund operates under auspices of the UN general trust fund, which does not allow earmarking, and therefore suggested drafting a UNFF decision concerning DSA.


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