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The Forty-fourth Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC) and the Associated Sessions of the Four Committees

3-8 November 2008, in Yokohama, Japan

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Katarina Kuehmayer, ITTC-44 Chair, congratulates Michael Maue, Papua New Guinea, on his nomination as Chair of the ITTC for 2009.

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Highlights for Saturday, 08 November 2008

On Saturday, the forty-fourth session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC) concluded its discussions in Yokohama, Japan. In the morning, Producer and Consumer Groups met in separate caucus meetings. In the afternoon, the Council convened to adopt decisions, including on: the approval of 17 projects and pre-projects; the Action Plan for 2008-2011; revision of the ITTO project cycle; the ITTO/IUCN Guidelines for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Tropical Timber Production Forests; and on the Thematic Programmes.

After several rounds of discussions between Consumer and Producer groups, it was decided that ITTC-45 will take place in Yokohama, Nov 9-14 2009, and that Guatemala will host ITTC-46 in 2010. The Consumer group elected Michael Maue, Papua New Guinea, as Chair, and the Producer group elected Daniel Birchmeier, Switzerland, as Vice-Chair of the ITTC for 2009. After brief closing statements, Chair Kuehmayer declared the meeting closed at 4:30pm.

Participants await the closing Council session.

Delegates discuss a possible solution to selecting the frequency and location of future ITTC meetings.

The Council resumed in the afternoon to adopt decisions. L-R: Edmond Collins Ahadome, ITTO Secretariat; Michael Maue, ITTC-44 Vice-Chair; Katharina Kuehmayer, ITTC-44 Chair; Emmanuel Ze Meka, ITTO Executive Director.

David Brooks, USA Eudeline Pekam, France Enzo Barattini, the European Community

Nii Ashie Kotie, Ghana Masayashi Mizuno, Japan Ricardo Umali, the Philippines

Carolina Costellini, Brazil B.C.Y. Freezailah, Malaysia Meredith Stokdijk, New Zealand

Emmanuel Ze Meka, ITTO Executive Director, visits with the Brazilian delegation during a break. Delegates confer prior to the closing session of the Council.

Edmond Collins Ahadome, ITTO Secretariat Marcel Vernooij, the Netherlands Luis Ernesto Barrera Garavito, Guatemala

Emmanuel Ze Meka, ITTO Executive Director, congratulates Katarina Kuehmayer for her outstanding performance as Chair of ITTC-44. Katarina Kuehmayer, ITTC-44 Chair, is presented with a gift of appreciation by incoming Chair Michael Maue, Papua New Guinea.

Yati Bun, Foundation for People and Community Development, Papua New Guinea. Katarina Kuehmayer, ITTC-44 Chair, gaveled the meeting to a close at 4:30pm.

Your ITTC-44 ENB Team. L-R: Kate Louw, Writer (South Africa); Jonathan Manley, Writer (South Africa); Markus Staas, Photographer and Digital Editor (Germany); Deborah Davenport, Writer (the US); Peter Wood, Team Leader (Canada).

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