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Forty-first Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC) and Associated Sessions of the Committees

6-11 November 2006 | Yokohama, Japan

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Highlights for Saturday, 11 November 2006

On the last day of ITTC-41, delegates convened in a Council session to adopt final reports and decisions. After hearing the reports of the Credentials Committee, Council decided upon dates and venues for future meetings, and elected a new Chair and Vice-Chair. Council adopted the reports of the Committees on Economic Information and Market Intelligence, Reforestation and Forest Management, Forest Industry, and Finance and Administration, and approved decisions on: projects, pre-projects and activities; terms for the selection of the new Executive Director; and the extension of the ITTA, 1994. Chair Ito gaveled the session to a close at 2:19pm.


Below: Council Chair Koichi Ito (Japan) receives a gift from Council Chair-elect Ambassador Luis Macchiavelo (Peru) on behalf of the ITTC, in recognition of his leadership and hard work.


From left to right: Manoel Sobral Filho (Executive Director, ITTO), Council Chair Koichi Ito (Japan), Council Chair-elect Ambassador Luis Macchiavelo (Peru) and Vice-Chair-elect Katharina Kuehmayer (Austria)


The Chairs of the Committees on Economic Information and Market Intelligence (CEM), Forest Industry (CFI), Finance and Administration (CFA) and, Reforestation and Forest Management (CRF) presented their respective Committee’s reports to the Council.

CEM Chair James Gasana (Switzerland) CFI Chair Jung-Hwan Park (Republic of Korea)
CFA Chair James Singh (Guyana) CRF Chair Petrus Gunarso (Indonesia)
Luiz César Gasser (Brazil), on behalf of the producer members, proposed amendments to the draft Terms of Reference for the intersessional working group on the thematic programme. Aulikki Kauppila (Finland), on behalf of the consumer members, agreed to the amendments proposed by the producer group.
Siti Syaliza Mustapha (Trade Advisory Group) called for an ITTO study of ways to reduce tropical timber trade distortions and barriers. Yati Bun (Civil Society Advisory Group) proposed guidelines and evaluation criteria to ensure that ITTO projects respect local rights and contribute to poverty alleviation.
Célestine Ntsame-Okwo (Gabon) Grégoire Nkeoua (Republic of Congo) Freezailah Che Yeom (Malaysia)



The ENB Team, from left to right: Jonathan Manley, Deborah Davenport, Andrew Brooke, Reem Hajjar and Peter Wood.

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