Highlights and images for 7 May 2018



The Bonn Climate Change Conference started its second and final week, with some preliminary agreements emerging and a continued focus on the Paris Agreement Work Programme (PAWP). The negotiators working on the Koronovia joint work programme for agriculture and on common timeframes for nationally determined contributions (NDCs) agreed to draft conclusions that will be forwarded for adoption.

Discussions under the PAWP centered on:

  • transparency framework for action and support,
  • adaptation communications,
  • common timeframes for nationally-determined contributions (NDCs),
  • the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples (LCIP) platform,
  • financial communications by developed countries,
  • modalities to account for financial resources provided and mobilized through public sources, and
  • the global stocktake, which agreed to an informal note that will be forwarded to the Ad Hoc Working Group for the Paris Agreement (APA).

A workshop on long-term finance met, where delegates discussed countries' experiences and insights on how to facilitate developing countries' access to climate finance.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth
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In-Session Workshop on Long-Term Climate Finance

Participants during the in-session workshop on long-term finance

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, and COP 23 President, Fiji

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa

Co-Facilitator Stefan Schwager, Switzerland

Alejandro Kilpatrick, UNFCCC Secretariat

Co-Facilitator Janine Coye-Felson, Belize

L-R: Co-Facilitator Stefan Schwager, Switzerland; Ermira Fida, UN Environment Programme (UNEP); Mikko Ollikainen, Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) Secretariat; Lia Nicholson, Antigua and Barbuda; and Co-Facilitator Janine Coye-Felson, Belize

Participants form break-out groups to discuss finance-related matters

Ismo Ulvila, EU

Paula Caballero, World Resources Institute (WRI)

COP 24 Logistics Briefing

View of the dais during the COP 24 briefing session

Rafał Bochenek and Zuzanna Zacharewicz, COP 24 Presidency, Poland

Tomasz Chruszczow, COP 24 Presidency, Poland

Informal Consultations Throughout the Day

Koronivia joint work on agriculture family photo

Education, training and public awareness, public participation, and public access to information to enhance actions (ACE) family photo

SBI informal consultations on national adaptiation plans (NAPs)

SBSTA informal consultations on Article 10.4, development and transfer of technologies

APA informal consultations on the global stocktake

APA informal consultations on the Adaptation Fund

Around the Venue

Members of the G-77/China huddle in the corridors

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, and COP 23 President, Fiji, greets Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu, the Democratic Republic
of the Congo (left) and Georg Børsting, Norway (right)

Todd Stern, WRI

Laura Merrill, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Mohamed Nasr, Egypt, and SBSTA Chair Paul Watkinson, France

Incoming COP 24 President Michal Kurtyka, Poland

Delegates from Chile

Delegates from Senegal

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