Highlights and images for 6 May 2018



On Sunday, seven Talanoa groups (“Talanoas”) met in an informal setting as part of the Talanoa Dialogue. Launched at the Fiji / Bonn Climate Change Conference in November 2017 (COP 23), the Dialogue is a global conversation about efforts to combat climate change, involving both UNFCCC parties and non-party stakeholders.

The Dialogue is mandated to take stock of collective efforts towards progress on the Paris Agreement’s long-term mitigation goal. It will also inform the preparation of parties’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), the second round of which are expected in 2020.

Following the Pacific region’s Talanoa tradition, the Dialogue’s goal is to share stories to find solutions for the common good. To this end, participants discussed three central questions:

  • Where are we?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • How do we get there?

Sunday’s meeting was part of the Talanoa Dialogue’s “preparatory phase,” which precedes a “political phase” that will take place at the Katowice Climate Change Conference in December 2018 (COP 24). Each of the seven Talanoas was named after an area in Fiji that is affected by climate change.

In addition to sharing stories during Sunday’s Dialogue, parties and non-party stakeholders participated by submitting inputs. By 2 April 2018, stakeholders had submitted a total of 220 inputs to the Talanoa Dialogue platform. An overview is available here.

A report-back from the Talanoas will take place on Tuesday, 8 May.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth
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Participants in the Koro room

Facilitator Amena Yauvoli, Fiji

Joana Vieira da Silva, Portugal

Majid Shafie-Pour, Iran

Zoran Kus, Slovenia

Tshewang Dorji, Bhutan


Participants in the Ba room

Joseph Africano Bartel, South Sudan

Eva Adamová, Czech Republic

Nilesh Prakash, Fiji

Facilitator Peter Emberson, Fiji

Toshiaki Nagata, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Agripina Jenkins Rojas, Costa Rica


Participants in the Rakiraki room

Faustin Munyazikwiye, Rwanda

Carlos Fuller, Belize

Facilitator Luke Daunivalu, Fiji

Vitumbiko Chinoko, CARE International

Georgia Jean Piggot, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)


Participants in the Bua room

Tong-q Lee, Republic of Korea

Facilitator Timaima Vakadewabuka, Fiji

Stephanie Lee, New Zealand

Katre Kets, Estonia

Federica Varini, International Federation for Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM - Organics International)


Participants in the Tailevu room

Facilitator Tui Cavuilati, Fiji

Federica Fricano, Italy

Catherine Abreu, Climate Action Network (CAN)

Juan Carlos Arredondo Brun, Mexico


Participants in the Lakeba room

Birama Diarra, Mali

Muhammad Omar, Pakistan

Collin Beck, Solomon Islands

Facilitator Deo Saran, Fiji

Catherine Bertha Musa, Malawi

Webster Whande, Zimbabwe


Participants in the Kadavu room

Adão Soares Barbosa, Timor-Leste

Daniel Mauricio Maresca Boragno, Uruguay

Milenge Davinah Uwella, African Development Bank (AfDB) Group

Hana Hamadalla, Sudan

Facilitator Christine Fung, Fiji