Highlights and images for 11 November 2016



On Friday, ITTC-52 entered its fifth day of work. In the morning, the Council continued discussions regarding the selection of the new ITTO Executive Director (ED). Another vote was held, with no winner. At the request of Producers, a contact group was formed to discuss the principle of rotation in the selection of the ED. Afterward the Committee on Finance and Administration (CFA) continued its deliberations on the proposed revision of ITTO financial rules and procedures, audit standards, and relevant portions of the Staff Regulations and Rules.

In the afternoon, the Council convened to hear pledges to the Special Account and the Bali Partnership Fund (BPF) and the Report of the Panel on Sub-Account B of the BPF. The Council also heard a report from the co-facilitators of the contact group on rotation in the appointment of an ED, and agreed that the contact group should draft a decision creating an intersessional working group to develop modalities for the principle. The Council then met in closed session on the legal implications and measures related to ITTO investments that led to the impairment of funds.

In the evening, the Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management (CRF) and the Committee on Economics, Statistics and Markets and the Committee on Forest Industry (CEM-CFI) met in parallel to review and accept their draft reports, while the CFA met to discuss the decision on the guidelines for addressing the ITTO financial shortfall.

IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB Meeting Coverage, provided daily digital coverage and a summary and analysis report of the 52nd Session of the ITTC and Associated Sessions of the Committees. The summary and analysis report is available in HTML and PDF format.

Council Session

View of the Council session

L-R: Tabi Agyarko, Vice-Chair of ITTC-52; Jennifer Conje, Chair of ITTC-52; and Steven Johnson, Officer-in-Charge, ITTO Secretariat

Anna Tyler, New Zealand, Consumer caucus spokesperson

Eheth Ongmanong Victoire, Cameroon, Producer caucus spokesperson

Sarquis Buiainain Sarquis, Brazil

Pierre Ndzengue, Cameroon

Richard Gbadoe Edjidomele
, Togo

Katharina Kuehmayer, Austria

Freezailah Che Yeom, Malaysia

Emmanuelle Maire, EU

Gabriel Dusava, Papua New Guinea

Alicia Grimes, US

Jorge Malleux, Peru

Tarita Clark
, Australia

Delegates from the Philippines casting their vote

For the third time this week a special vote on election
of the Executive Director did not result in a decision

Jennifer Conje, Chair of ITTC-52

Fernando Perdigão, Brazil

Carolyn Guy, New Zealand

Rob Busink, the Netherlands

Hiroyuki Nishiura, Japan

Luke Thompson, US

Youngtae Choi, Republic of Korea

Committee on Finance and Administration (CFA)

L-R: Mad Zaidi Mohd Karli, Vice-Chair of CFA and Rob Busink,
Chair of CFA

Paulo Vinícius Garcia, Brazil

Stephanie McFadden O'Neill, US

Anne Schick, Switzerland

Jill Hanna, EU

L-R: Gerhard Breulmann, ITTO Secretariat; David Brooks, ITTO Consultant;
and Maiko Suzuki, ITTO Secretariat

Steven Johnson, Officer-in-Charge, ITTO Secretariat

Committee on Economics, Statistics and Markets (CEM) and Committee on Forest Industry (CFI)

L-R: Achille Orphée Lokossou, Vice-Chair of CFI; Tetra Yanuariadi, ITTO Secretariat;
Akiko Nakano, Chair of CFI; and Alicia Grimes, Chair of CEM

Björn Merkell, Sweden

Raul Briz, the Philippines

Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management (CRF)

View of the CRF closing session

Takeshi Goto, ITTO Secretariat, thanked the CRF on wishing him
well on his retirement

L-R: Hwan-Ok Ma, ITTO Secretariat; Marjukka Mähönen, Vice-Chair of CRF; and Nurudeen Iddrisu, Chair of CRF; and
Takeshi Goto
, ITTO Secretariat

CRF group photo


Negotiating blocs
European Union