Highlights and images for 27 November 2018



Contact group on digital sequence information (DSI)

On Tuesday, Working Group I did not meet to allow for contact group discussions. In morning, afternoon and evening sessions, Working Group II addressed:

  • biodiversity mainstreaming in the energy and mining, infrastructure, manufacturing, and processing sectors under the Convention;
  • marine and coastal biodiversity, including ecologically or biologically sensitive marine areas (EBSAs);
  • integration of Article 8(j) (traditional knowledge) under the Convention and its Protocols;
  • conservation and sustainable use of pollinators;
  • invasive alien species; and
  • liability and redress under the Convention.

Deliberations continued into the night.

Contact groups and Friends of the Chair groups met throughout the day to address:

  • digital sequence information;
  • the budget;
  • socio-economic considerations under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety;
  • the post-2020 preparatory process;
  • resource mobilization and the financial mechanism; and
  • a global multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism under the Nagoya Protocol on access and benefit-sharing.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Franz Dejon

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Clarissa Nina (Brazil), Chair of Working Group II
Jihyun Lee, CBD Secretariat
L-R: Alexander Shestakov, CBD Secretariat; Clarissa Nina (Brazil), Chair of Working Group II; and Junko Shimura, CBD Secretariat
WG II delegates discussing compromise language on pollinators
Jean-Patrick Le Duc, France
Felicien Amakde, Benin
Roxana Solis, Peru
José Luis Echevarría, Guatemala
Stanley Damane, Lesotho
Joan Yang, Palau
Larbi Sbaï, Morocco
Chinyere Nzeduru, Nigeria
L-R: Sampson K.P. Chea; J.S. Datuama Cammue; and Michael Garbo, Liberia
Oswaldo Marquez Uribe, Mexico
Shaikha Hassan Alshehhi, United Arab Emirates
Seumalo Afele Faiilagi, Samoa
Marie-Laetitia Busokeye, Rwanda
Longin Naayikeza, Burundi
Jeff Macdonald, Canada
Alain De Comarmond, Seychelles
Sophie Mirgaux, EU
Ahmed Sabah, Iraq
Desterio Nyamongo, Kenya
Working Group II in session
L-R: Joseph Appiott, Jihyun Lee, Jacquie Grekin, and Changsung Lim, CBD Secretariat
L-R: Lisama Sabry, Ilham Atho Mohamed, and Muhusina Abdul Rahman, Maldives
L-R: Teona Karchava, Georgia; Julieta Sarno, Argentina; and Johanna Niemivuo-Lahti, Finland
L-R: Markus Wyss, Michael Muschick, and Anke van den Hurk, International Chamber of Commerce
Delegates from the Philippines
L-R: Dao Nguyen, IUCN; Alexander Shestakov, CBD Secretariat; Daniela Diz, WWF; and Günter Mitlacher, WWF
Delegates from West Africa
COP 14 local staff
Replica of the Sharm el Sheikh Convention Center venue of COP 14



Negotiating blocs
European Union