Highlights and images for 22–12 November 2018



Delegates in Working Group II in informal consultations

On Thursday, Working Group I addressed conference room papers (CRPs) on:

  • safeguards in biodiversity financing mechanisms;
  • methodological guidance concerning the contributions of indigenous peoples and local communities;
  • specialized international access and benefit-sharing (ABS) instruments;
  • capacity building, and technical and scientific cooperation under the Convention;
  • reporting, and assessment and review under the Convention and the Protocols;
  • tools to evaluate policy instruments for Strategic Plan implementation;
  • the financial mechanism under the Protocols;
  • awareness raising under the Nagoya Protocol; and
  • capacity building under the Nagoya Protocol.

Working Group II considered CRPs on:

  • unintentional transboundary movements of living modified organisms under the Cartagena Protocol;
  • the Supplementary Protocol on liability and redress;
  • liability and redress under the Convention;
  • sustainable wildlife management; and
  • Article 8(j).

An afternoon plenary addressed organizational matters and adopted decisions on:

  • assessment of progress towards selected Aichi targets;
  • the Gender Plan of Action;
  • health and biodiversity;
  • the date and venue of future COP meetings; and
  • assessment and review of the effectiveness of the Nagoya Protocol.

Contact groups met throughout the day to address: resource mobilization and the financial mechanism; socio-economic considerations under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety; synthetic biology; ecologically or biologically significant marine areas (EBSAs); and risk assessment under the Cartagena Protocol.For more details on the day’s events and to hear what delegates said in the corridors, see our daily Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB).

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Franz Dejon

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L-R: Jyoti Mathur-Filipp, CBD Secretariat; Hayo Haanstra (the Netherlands), Chair of Working Group I; and John Scott, CBD Secretariat
Valerie Normand, CBD Secretariat
John Scott, CBD Secretariat
L-R: Laura Rodríguez Codallos, Edda Fernández Luiselli, Valerie Cruz Blancas, and Alejandra Barrios Pérez, Mexico
Vienna Pozer, Canada
Laure Ledoux, EU
L-R: Christine Akello and Kagumaho Kakuyo, Uganda
Emmanuel Bayani Ngoyi, Gabon
Jeanette Florita, the Philippines
Nenenteiti Teariki-Ruatu, Kiribati
Odacy Davis, Guyana
Joon-woo Seo, Republic of Korea
Abdirizak Mohammud, Somalia
Larbi Sbaï, Morocco
Rosemary Paterson, New Zealand
Maxwell Mendoza, Venezuela
Barbara De Rosa-Joynt, US
Jerry Harrison, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Lyle Glowka, Convention on Migratory Species
L-R: Lactitia Tshitwamulomoni and Wadzi Mandivenyi, South Africa
L-R: Alexander Shestakov, CBD Secretariat; Clarissa Nina (Brazil), Chair of Working Group II; and Manoela Pessoa de Miranda, CBD Secretariat
Catalina Santamaria, CBD Secretariat
Worku Damena Yifru, CBD Secretariat
Alexander Shestakov, CBD Secretariat
Delegates from Working Group II in informal consultations
L-R: Sujata Arora, Sanchita Chaudhary, Satya Gidda, and B. Meenakumari, India
Manrique Altavista, Argentina
Mitzi Gurgel Valente da Costa, Brazil
Suwigaya Utama, Indonesia
Sara Mashhadi Ali Akbar, Iran
L-R: Fabiana Spinelli, Paula Scarone, Peter Deupmann, and Manoela Pessoa de Miranda, CBD Secretariat
Ana Laura Mello, Uruguay
Sorka Copa Romero, Bolivia
Bayarkhuu Sandagdorj, Mongolia
Hoang Thi Thanh Nhan, Viet Nam
L-R: Worku Damena Yifru, CBD Secretariat; David Cooper, CBD Deputy Executive Secretary; COP 14 President Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, Egypt; and Cristiana Paşca Palmer, CBD Executive Secretary
Cristiana Paşca Palmer, CBD Executive Secretary
COP 14 President Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, Egypt
Charlotta Sörqvist, Sweden
Spencer Thomas, Grenada
L-R: Basma Saif Al-Amri, Saleh Al-Saadi, and Salim Samir, Oman
Majlis Community Lounge of the UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme
L-R: Hussein Marai and Aisha Mohammed, artisans and weavers from Southern Egypt
Anna Ali Gamec, local artist
L-R: Marcos Regis Da Silva, Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research; Lily Rodriguez, International Union of Biological Sciences; and Yves Zinngrebe, Göttingen University, Germany
L-R: Balakrishna Pisupati, Forum for Law, Environment, Development and Governance (FLEDGE); Timothy Hodges, McGill University; Suneetha Subramanian, UN University; and B. Meenakumari, India
L-R: Gwen Sisior, Palau, and Nenenteiti Teariki-Ruatu, Kiribati
L-R: Tamara Thomas, The Nature Conservancy, and Mae Bruton-Adams, Micronesia



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