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Eighth Conference of the Parties to the 
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change 

23 October - 1 November 2002
New Delhi, India 

Highlights from Saturday 26 October 2002

The Eighth Conference of the Parties (COP-8) to the UNFCCC continued to meet today in contact group sessions of the SBSTA and SBI. The SBSTA convened contact groups on guidelines under Article 5, 7, and 8 of the Kyoto Protocol; issues relating to registries under Article 7, paragraph 4 of the Kyoto Protocol; LULUCF/CDM; research and systematic observation and "good practices" in policies and measures among Parties included in Annex I to the convention. The SBI met in two session non-Annex I issues.  Above photo: Sharon Taylor (UNFCCC Secretariat) during an afternoon presentation at the Climate change Kiosk.





Contact Group: Research and Systematic observation

Co-chaired by Sue Barrell (Australia) and S.K. Srivastav (India), the contact group met in the morning, afternoon and evening on Saturday to discuss the Chair's conclusions.
Delegates could not agree on a proposal by the Russian Federation to reference research priorities in support of the ultimate objective of the UNFCCC.

Co-Chair Thelma Krug (Brazil) invited Parties to consider the definition of additionality in the Marrakesh Accords.


TUVALU and INDIA stressed the importance of impact assessments.

Contact Group on non-Annex I issues:

José Romero (Switzerland), chaired this contact group.

On Saturday evening, Parties discussed a working text on improved guidelines for the preparation of non-Annex I national communications, which had been addressed informally throughout the day. Delegates made progress in removing a number of brackets, but disagreement remained on text in the introductory section.


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