Highlights and images for 30 May 2021

Convention on Biological Diversity – CBD

Photo courtesy of Pam Chasek

Photo courtesy of Pam Chasek

On Sunday, 30 May, the third session of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI-3) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) continued its deliberations in preparation for the 15th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP-15).

During the three-hour session, delegates conducted text-based negotiations on a conference room paper (CRP) on review of progress in the implementation of the Convention and the Strategic Plan. They also heard reports from contact groups addressing:

  • options to enhance planning, reporting, and review mechanisms with a view to strengthening the implementation of the Convention;
  • resource mobilization and the financial mechanism; and
  • capacity development, and technical and scientific cooperation.

Review of Progress in the Implementation of the Convention and the Strategic Plan

Delegates discussed the CRP and suggested textual amendments. Debate focused on, among other issues:

  • preambular language recalling parts of, or the entire Decision X/2 (Strategic Plan);
  • a paragraph noting with concern that national targets are not collectively commensurate with the level of ambition of the Aichi targets, and whether or not to include language on limited means of implementation as a reason for failure; and
  • paragraphs encouraging organization of national and international dialogues with Indigenous Peoples and local communities, with delegates proposing to add reference to relevant stakeholders, including women and youth.

Plenary then addressed the annex, including lessons from the review of progress towards the implementation of the Convention and the Strategic Plan. Delegates debated at length whether to reopen the annex or not, and whether to keep it or delete it and replacing it with a general reference to the background document containing the review, as synthesized by Secretariat. They also discussed whether to bracket the entire document, along with the annex, due to lack of full and effective participation of African countries in virtual sessions, because of connectivity issues. Discussion will resume at the next plenary session.

Planning, Reporting, and Review Mechanisms

Contact group Co-Chairs Andrew Stott (UK) and Gillian Guthrie (Jamaica) noted that the group met three times from 20-25 May and produced a CRP. The said that parties were able to reach consensus on various issues or narrow down options where agreement could not be reached.

Resource Mobilization and the Financial Mechanism

Contact group Co-Chair Teona Karchava (Georgia) reported that the group met five times from 19-27 May. She noted that a CRP was produced on the financial mechanism, and underscored divergence in views regarding resource mobilization, unlikely to be bridged even with additional sessions of the contact group. She added that the Co-Chairs will prepare a separate document with a synthesis of views of parties regarding advice to the Working Group on the GBF, which will be discussed in an additional session of the contact group on Wednesday, 2 June.

Capacity Development and Technical and Scientific Cooperation

Contact group Co-Chair Haike Jan Haanstra (the Netherlands) noted that the group met three times from 19-26 May. He reported that revised drafts of a non-paper have been circulated and the group will meet on Thursday, 3 June, to address outstanding issues.

Plenary will resume on Friday, 11 June 2021.

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