Highlights and images for 28 May 2021

On Friday, 28 May, the third session of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI-3) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) convened its fourth plenary meeting, to prepare for the 15th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP-15). The meeting focused on issues related to mainstreaming of biodiversity into society and productive sectors, and the post-2020 global biodiversity framework (GBF).

During the three-hour session, delegates addressed draft recommendations on:

  • mainstreaming, including a long-term approach to mainstreaming, and engagement with subnational governments;
  • a post-2020 gender plan of action; and
  • a communication strategy for the GBF.  


Delegates stressed the importance of biodiversity mainstreaming for achieving the objectives of the Convention and its 2050 vision of living in harmony with nature, and its central role in the GBF. They addressed, among other issues:

  • the Edinburgh process for subnational and local governments, including the Edinburgh declaration on the GBF and its plan of action;
  • the work of the Informal Advisory Group on mainstreaming and options for continuation of work under the Convention;
  • linkages between the draft long-term approach to mainstreaming and the GBF;
  • capacity-building and funding needs; and
  • the role of synergies with other conventions and fora.

Some stressed the importance of involving businesses and financial institutions to ensure biodiversity mainstreaming, while civil society underscored the need to regulate the business and finance sectors. Delegates proposed several amendments to the draft long-term approach and had divergent views on the proposed plan of action.

A conference room paper will be prepared on engagement with subnational governments, while consultations will continue with regard to mainstreaming.

Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

Delegates continued deliberations on the item, following its introduction on Sunday, 16 May. Following a presentation on the second workshop of biodiversity-related conventions on the GBF (18 January-2 February 2021, online), they focused on:

  • questions of relevance to the development of the GBF, including a draft recommendation on implementation;
  • a draft communication strategy for the GBF;
  • a draft outline for a post-2020 gender plan of action; and
  • the draft implementation plan and capacity-building action plan for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.

Delegates stressed the importance of the implementation plan and capacity-building action plan for the Cartagena Protocol, with some emphasizing that they should be addressed in two standalone documents.

Participants underscored the importance of a clear communication strategy with distinct messages for different audiences. Some noted that the strategy could be more comprehensive and innovative, calling for additional discussions. They further highlighted the importance of a post-2020 gender plan of action, underscoring the contribution of women, including indigenous and rural women and girls, to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. Some requested establishment of a contact group to further discuss the gender plan of action, including its principles, goals, and actions.

Discussions on the item will continue on Saturday, 29 May.

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