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Second Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Review of Implementation of the Convention (WGRI 2)

9-13 July 2007 | Paris, France

Highlights for Wednesday, 11 July 2007

On Wednesday, WGRI 2 participants convened in plenary throughout the day and addressed options for streamlining guidance to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and operations of the Convention. They also considered the draft recommendation on the implementation of goals 2 and 3 of the Strategic Plan.


Options for Streamlining Guidance to the GEF

  Tone Solhaug, Norway, questioned the mandate of the Bureau in developing a four-year framework for programme priorities.   Marco Rebelo, Portugal, on behalf of the EU, encouraged the Executive Secretary to further the dialogue with the GEF CEO/Chairperson.  
  Sujata Arora, India, underscored the importance of access and benefit sharing as a priority for the GEF.   Djamel Echirk, Algeria, commended efforts to shorten the GEF project cycle.   José Luis Sutera, Argentina, questioned the use of the terminology “sustainable financing” urging for “funding schemes” to be used instead.  
  Erum Hasan, Canada, welcomed discussions on how the COP could best provide advice.   Ositadinma Anaedu, Nigeria, proposed exploring complementarity between the GEF and other financial mechanisms.  
  Oscar Ndayiziga, Burundi.   Maurizio Farhan Ferrari, the Forest Peoples Programme.  

Operations of the Convention: Retirement of Decisions

  Patama Domrongphol, Thailand, supported an eight-year period for updating decisions.   Hesiquio Benitez, Mexico, suggested following the CITES model in identifying decisions that are still relevant or that may need amendment.  
  Christine Von Weizsäcker, ECOROPA, cautioned against the retirement of decisions that might contain principles central to the future work of the CBD.   Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace, called for CBD decisions to be adopted by qualified majority.  

Operations of the Convention: Admission of Observers

  Ole Hendrickson, Canada, called for a flexible process to ensure the widest possible participation.   Antonio Matamoros, Ecuador, endorsed the participation of all stakeholders.   Ghanim Abdulla Mohammed, Qatar, called for clearly defining private sector participation.  

Implementation of Goals 2 and 3 of the Strategic Plan

  Jorge Ernesto Quezada Diaz, El Salvador, said NBSAPs are essential for the implementation of the Convention.   Lena Chan, Singapore.   Ahmed Saleem, Maldives, requested “supporting” rather than “encouraging” parties to establish or strengthen national CHMs.  
  Robert Lamb, Switzerland, requested references to both the access to genetic resources as well as benefit-sharing in paragraphs on NBSAPs.   Gustavo Pacheco and Fernando Coimbra, Brazil, asked that inadequate financial, human and technical capacity be noted as the most widespread constraint to implementation.  
  Francis Ogwal, Uganda, called for promoting and supporting local action for implementation.   Nenenteiti Teariki-Ruata, Kiribati, proposed improving the participation of indigenous peoples and local communities in NBSAPs.   Chaweewan Hutacharern, Thailand, suggested specifying that NBSAPs should effectively mainstream gender issues.  
  James Seyani, Malawi.   Mandiaye Ndiaye, Senegal.  
  Pedro Ivo Arriegas, Portugal.   Selby Remy, Seychelles.   Felicity Buchanan, New Zealand.  



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