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Twelfth Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA-12)

2-6 July 2007 | Paris, France

Highlights for Thursday, 5 July 2007

On Thursday, SBSTTA 12 participants convened in the Committee of the Whole in the morning to continue consideration of the draft recommendations on the in-depth review of the application of the ecosystem approach (EA) and biofuels. In the afternoon, Working Group I (WG-I) addressed draft recommendations on the review of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) and the Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO). WG-II considered biodiversity and climate change, and dry and sub-humid lands, in afternoon and evening sessions.

Below, Chair of WG-II Annemarie Watt, Australia, is surrounded by delegates seeking advice on how to proceed with discussions on biodiversity and climate change.


Review of the Application of the Ecosystem Approach

  Cheng Weixue, China, requested deleting reference to incorporating the ecosystem approach into national poverty reduction strategies and other policies.   On enhancing the sourcebook, Simon Rae, New Zealand, suggested that the Executive Secretary report to the COP on progress in reviewing guidance.  
  Aleksandr Grigoryants, Uzbekistan, supported the creation of a joint working group with other organizations to enhance the sourcebook.   Letchumanan Ramatha, Malaysia, requested references to fisheries in the draft recommendation on the ecosystem approach.  
  Linus Thomas, Grenada.   Annemarie Watt, Australia.   Victoria Lichtschein, Argentina.  
  Chair of SBSTTA Christian Prip   Nabil Hamada, Tunisia.   Jukka-Pekka Jäppinen, Finland.  

New and Emerging Issues: Biofuels

  Hesiquio Benitez, Mexico, recommended clearly defining the procedure for selecting and addressing future emerging issues.   Stefan Leiner, European Community.   Fernando Coimbra, Brazil, noted that the Secretariat’s note on biofuels does not include ongoing experiences.  


Global Biodiversity Outlook

  Andrew Stott, UK, suggested requesting the Executive Secretary to reflect on the lessons learned from the incorporation of GBO 2 data.   Jana Brozova, Czech Republic, suggested reflecting SBSTTA 12 deliberations on the lessons learned and their implication for GBO 3.   Fernando Gast, Colombia, noted that CHM focal points should assist in the dissemination of GBO 2 at the national level.  

Review of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

  Doug Laing, Australia, was reluctant to establish another working group to collate information from different environmental organizations.   Chaweewan Hutacharern, Thailand, proposed discussing ways to harmonize national reporting on biodiversity-related conventions.   Leontino Rezende Taveira, Brazil, proposed taking into account, rather than making full use of, the MA framework.  


Biodiversity and Climate Change

  David Dutton, Australia, opposed references to mitigation activities, noting jurisdictional overlaps with UNFCCC.   Alison Watson, New Zealand, urged avoiding duplication in the text and proposed deleting repetitive text on evaluating impacts of climate change response activities on biodiversity.  
  Edward Peters, Mexico.   Gustavo Pacheco, Brazil.   Deon Alexandre Stewart, Bahamas, on behalf of small island developing states.  
  Delegates consult on future steps to address biodiversity and climate change.  

Biodiversity of Dry and Sub-humid Lands

  Modibo Cissé, Mali.   Dalila Nedjraoui, Algeria.  

SBSTTA side event on IMoSEB: Report on Progress of the Consultative Process

The side event reported on progress in the consultative process towards an International Mechanism of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity (IMoSEB).
  From left to right: Jacques Weber, France, Didier Babin, France, Alfred Oteng-Yeboah, Ghana, Ole Hendrickson, Canada, Horst Korn, Germany.  
  Participants observed presentations on the results of three regional consultations and discussed the need for and potential structure of an IMoSEB.  



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