Highlights and images for 29 August 2023

Bonn, Germany

Knowledge is key to inform decision making. On biodiversity, this is where the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) comes in: it provides evidence-based and policy-relevant information on biodiversity and ecosystem services with the aim to foster the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, long-term human well-being, and sustainable development.

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A key focus of the tenth session of the IPBES Plenary (IPBES 10) is the launch of a new thematic assessment of invasive alien species (IAS) and their control. The report represents the culmination of four years of work by 86 leading experts from 49 countries of all regions of the world. They drew on more than 13,000 references to present the latest evidence about the status and trends of IAS, and outline response options.

On the second day of IPBES 10, delegates began textual negotiations on the draft summary for policymakers (SPM) of the assessment report. Members are considering the SPM on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis, asking for clarifications and suggesting changes. Despite a collegial and productive working environment, different understandings surfaced, including on definitional issues. With the Co-Chairs tracking limited progress and allocating homework to delegates to speed up deliberations, many participants agreed that a lot of work will be required to finalize this much-awaited assessment in a timely manner.

The IAS report is not the only item on the meeting’s agenda. IPBES 10 is also considering what topics to address in additional deliverables to be prepared up to 2030, the structure and workplan of IPBES’ task forces, and further engagement with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), among others. While the day’s discussions showed strong support for a second global assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and a fast-track methodological assessment on monitoring biodiversity and ecosystem services, agreement on the topics for the remaining two slots remains elusive.

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