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Daily report for 14 November 2002

12th Meeting of the CITES Conference of the Parties (COP12)

Following a brief Committee II meeting to conclude outstanding items, delegates met in Plenary to adopt resolutions, decisions, and amendments to the Appendices.


BUDGET: The Committee approved the draft resolution on financing and budgeting of the Secretariat and COP meetings (Com.II.8).

ANNUAL EXPORT QUOTA: GERMANY introduced amendments to the draft resolution (Doc.50.1 Annex), including recognition of the constraints of developing countries and voluntary submission of national quotas to the Secretariat. TANZANIA suggested, and delegates agreed, directing the issue to the Standing Committee.

APES IN WAR ZONES: KENYA presented amendments to its proposal to include rescue of all Appendix I species from war zones (Doc.63). SIERRA LEONE opposed, and HUNGARY and WWF supported the amended proposal, which the Committee approved.

TRADITIONAL MEDICINES: The Secretariat reported that CITES implementation regarding trade in traditional medicines (Doc.64) was hampered by lack of resources. He recommended, and delegates approved, deletion of Decision 11.165.

PUBLICITY MATERIALS: The Committee noted the document on CITES publicity material (Doc.65) prepared by the Secretariat.

CITES AND CMS: The EU presented its proposal (Com.II.7) suggesting two draft decisions to review the MOU between CITES and the CMS, and to invite the CMS to participate in CITES meetings on issues of common concern. Delegates accepted the proposed decisions.

NON-COMMERCIAL LOAN OF SPECIMEN: The US amended its proposal on non-commercial loan, donation or exchange of museum and herbarium specimens (Com.II.9), which was accepted.

ASIA BIG CAT SPECIES: The Committee approved minor amendments proposed by CHINA and others on the accepted draft decision (Doc.32 (Rev.1) Annex 1 and 2).


ELECTIONS: Plenary approved the following regional representatives to the Standing Committee: Africa: Cameroon and Guinea (alternate); Asia: Malaysia and United Arab Emirates (alternate); Europe: Germany and the UK (alternate); and South and Central America and the Caribbean: Nicaragua and Costa Rica (alternate). Representatives were also elected to the Animals and Plants Committees.

CONSIDERATION OF COMMITTEE I RECOMMENDATIONS: Cooperation with CCAMLR: Plenary adopted a resolution on cooperation between CITES and CCAMLR (Doc.16.1 Annex (Rev.1)).

African Elephants Dialogue Meeting: Plenary adopted a revised resolution on trade in elephant specimens, as amended by Committee I (Doc.20.1 Annex 3) and two decisions regarding the control and compliance of internal ivory trade (Doc.20.1 Annex 4 and 5).

Wider Caribbean Hawksbill Turtle Dialogue Meetings: Plenary adopted decisions on the conservation of the hawksbill turtles in the wider Caribbean as amended by Committee I (Doc.20.2 Annex 4).

Appendix I Species Export Quotas: Plenary retained Resolution Conf. 10.14 on quotas for leopards, but removed special reporting requirements and accepted TANZANIA’s proposal to increase its annual leopard export quota from 250 to 500 (Doc.23.1.2). Plenary also removed special reporting requirements for markhor and increased PAKISTAN’s export quota from 6 to 12 (Doc.23.2).

Amendment of Resolution Conf. 9.21: Plenary adopted an amendment clarifying the 150 day deadline for submission of proposals applies to "new and increased" quotas.

Stony Corals: Plenary adopted the draft resolution on trade in stony corals (Doc.10.1 Annex I).

Specimens of Cetacean Stocks: Plenary noted withdrawal of the proposal (Doc.38).

Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles: Plenary adopted the revision of Resolution Conf. 11.9 (Doc.39 Annex II) and two decisions (Doc.39 Annex III), and repealed Decisions 11.93 and 11.150.

Pancake Tortoise: Plenary adopted a decision directed to the Animals Committee (Com.I Rep.4).

Sharks: Plenary adopted a resolution on conservation of and trade in sharks (Doc.41.2 Annex) as amended (Com.I Rep.12).

Seahorses: Plenary adopted the decision on seahorses (Doc.43 and Com.I Rep.13).

Patagonian Tootfish: Plenary noted the withdrawal of the document on conservation of and trade in Dissostichus species (Doc.44).

Sea Cucumbers: Plenary adopted the decision on trade in sea cucumbers directed to the Secretariat and the Animals Committee (Com.I Rep.2).

Harpagophytum: Plenary adopted the decision (Doc.46 Annex 2) and repealed Decisions 11.63 and 11.111.

Trade in Specimens of Appendix II Species Taken from the Wild: Plenary adopted a revised resolution on review of significant trade (Doc.48.1 Annex 2) as amended in Committee discussions (Com.I Rep.2 and 3).

Nationally Established Export Quotas for Appendix II species: Plenary adopted a decision resulting from working group discussions, supporting the Secretariat’s capacity building programme for science-based establishment and implementation of voluntary national export quotas (Com.1.2).

Breeding Operations: Regarding revisions of Resolutions Conf. 8.15 and Conf. 11.14 on registering and monitoring breeding operations, Plenary adopted the amended resolution and a decision directed to the Animals Committee (Com.I.1). On applications to register breeding operations, Plenary approved SOUTH AFRICA’s request for registration of a cheetah breeding operation and rejected the UK’s request for a green turtle operation.

Criteria for Appendices Amendments: Plenary deferred the issue’s consideration.

Amendment of the Appendices regarding Populations: Plenary took note of this document (Doc.59). ARGENTINA recorded its reservations on the document’s content.

CONSIDERATION OF COMMITTEE II RECOMMENDATIONS: Budget: Delegates approved the budget for 2003-2005, and adopted amendments to the procedure for approval of externally funded projects (Doc.9.2).

Animals Committee: Plenary accepted the Animals Committee’s recommendation (Doc.10.1) to repeal Decisions 11.91, 11.92, 11.93, 11.95, 11.96, 11.103-11.105, 11.98, and 11.99.

Plants Committee: Plenary accepted the Plants Committee’s recommendation (Doc.10.2) to repeal Decisions 11.111-11.113 and 11.116-11.117, and to retain Decision 11.114, 11.115 and 11.118.

Establishment of Committees: Plenary adopted a decision on a process to consider implementation issues (Com.II Rep.3).

Convention Title: Plenary noted the withdrawal of the proposal to change the Convention’s title (Doc.14 (Rev.1)).

Cooperation with FAO: Delegates adopted a decision regarding the establishment of a MOU between CITES and FAO (Doc.16.2.1 and 16.2.2.Addendum).

Cooperation with the Inter-American Convention on Sea Turtles: Plenary agreed not to consider cooperation with this Convention (Doc.16.3).

Cooperation with IWC: Plenary noted Mexico’s withdrawal of its proposal on cooperation with the IWC (Doc.16.4).

Cooperation with CMS: Plenary adopted a decision on cooperation with the Convention on Migratory Species (Com.II.7).

Sustainable Use: Plenary rejected a draft resolution on sustainable use of and trade in CITES species (Com.II.3).

Economic Incentives: Plenary adopted the amended decision (Doc.18), rejected the resolution on positive economic incentives and trade policy (Com.II.1) and maintained Resolution Conf.10.4 (Doc.21.1.1).

Financing Species Conservation: Plenary adopted two amended decisions regarding financing conservation and sustainable international trade of species of wild fauna and flora (Com.II.2).

Review of Resolutions: Plenary repealed resolutions as suggested by the Secretariat, approved a decision inviting the Secretariat to correct references to resolutions (Doc.21.1.1 Annex 1) and maintained Resolution Conf. 10.4 (Doc.21.1.1).

Review of Decisions: Plenary endorsed deleting Decisions 11.10, 11.62, 11.63 and 11.69 (Doc.21.2).

Annual Reports: Plenary adopted amendments to Resolution Conf.11.17 (Doc.22.1).

Biennial Reports: Plenary adopted the Secretariat’s recommendations (Doc.22.2).

Enforcement: Plenary adopted the amended decision (Doc.27 Annex 1).

National Laws for Implementation: Plenary adopted an amended decision (Doc.28 Annex 2), a revised decision (Doc.28 Annex 3) and an additional decision on flexibility for deadlines (Com.II Rep.10).

CITES Permits and Certificates: Plenary adopted a decision (Doc.29) directed to the Secretariat.

CITES and the European Community: Plenary adopted the decision (Doc.30).

Bears: Plenary agreed to: delete Decisions 11.43, 11.45, 11.46, 11.80 (Doc.31); incorporate Decision 11.44 into Resolution Conf. 10.8 as an additional point; and adopt two decisions (Com.II Rep.11).

Asian Big Cats: Plenary adopted a decision (Doc.32 (Rev.1) Annex 2) and resolution (Doc.32 (Rev.1) Annex 1).

Tigers: Plenary adopted the report and recommendations on conservation of and trade in tigers (Doc.33).

Rhinoceroses: Plenary accepted the report (Doc.35) and the Secretariat withdrew its recommendation to repeal Resolution Conf. 9.14.

Musk Deer: Plenary repealed Decision 11.92 and accepted the report and its recommendation on conservation of and trade in musk deer (Doc.36).

Tibetan Antelope: Plenary accepted recommendations on Resolution Conf. 11.8 on conservation of and control of trade in Tibetan antelope (Doc.37) and the draft decision (ComII Rep11).

Sturgeon and Labeling of Caviar: Plenary adopted guidelines on regional conservation strategies (Doc.42.1) and the resolution on caviar labeling (Doc.42.2 Annex) as amended (Com.II Rep. 11 and 12).

Mahogany Working Group: Plenary adopted the report (Doc.47) and decided that the mahogany working group would continue its work, subject to availability of external funds (Com.II Rep.12).

Management of Export Quotas: Plenary adopted decisions on the management of annual export quotas (Doc.50.1) and two decisions on implementation and monitoring of nationally established export quotas for Appendix II (Doc.50.2 and Com.II Rep.12).

Time-Sensitive Biological Samples: Plenary adopted a resolution outlining simplified procedures to issue permits and certificates. MEXICO requested, and delegates rejected, reopening discussion.

Movements of Collections of Samples: Plenary adopted a decision directed to the Standing Committee on examining the procedures for enabling a CITES certificate to serve as an annex to an international customs document (Com.II Rep.12).

Trade Regimes for Trade Species: In accordance with the document’s recommendations (Doc.53), Plenary deleted Decision 11.155 on the issue.

Personal Effects: Plenary adopted a resolution (Com.II.6) and a decision requesting the Standing Committee to further address the issue (Com.II Rep.11).

Non-Commercial Loan of Specimens: Plenary adopted a revision of Resolution Conf. 11.15 and a decision directed to the Animals and Plants Committees (Com.II.9).

Live-Animal Exhibitions: Plenary noted that the proposal was withdrawn (Doc.57).

Annotations for Medicinal Plants: Plenary noted that the issue was considered as part of the revision of Resolution Conf. 10.2 on permits and certificates.

Working Group on Marine Species: The resolution on establishing a working group to analyze aspects of CITES implementation to marine species (Doc.61) was rejected.

Bushmeat: Plenary adopted the decision on the bushmeat working group (Doc.62).

Rescue of Apes from War Zones: Plenary adopted a decision covering all Appendix I species in war zones.

Trade in Traditional Medicines: Plenary deleted Decision 11.165 on the issue.

Publicity Materials: Plenary took note of the report (Doc.65).

PROPOSALS TO AMEND THE APPENDICES: Annotation 607: Plenary endorsed the withdrawl of Switzerland’s proposal (Prop.12.1).

Color Morphs: Delegates rejected Switzerland’s proposal on exempting captive color morphs (Prop.12.2).

Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphin: GEORGIA reopened the debate on the dolphin and proposed, as suggested by the Secretariat, to list the species in Appendix II with zero export quota. The amended proposal was carried in a secret ballot vote with 86 in favor, 26 against and 10 abstentions.

Minke Whale: JAPAN reopened the debate on minke whales (Prop.12.4) to consider its amended proposal to transfer the North-Western Pacific stock of minke whales to Appendix II. Plenary rejected the proposal by secret ballot, with 53 in favor and 66 against.


Despite a heavy agenda, many delegates expressed satisfaction with the Committees’ outcomes and finishing on schedule. However, the possibility of several contentious proposals resurfacing during the final Plenary, such as those regarding the basking and whales sharks, the Bryde’s whale, and the African elephant, left many anxious.


PLENARY: Plenary will meet at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm to adopt amendments to the Appendices. 

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