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Fourth Conference of the Parties 
to the Convention to 
Combat Desertification
Bonn, Germany; 11-22 December 2000

Highlights from Friday, 22 December
Closing Plenary:

CCD Executive Secretary Diallo  said COP-4 had succeeded in coming up with conclusions to further the implementation of the CCD. He noted the results of the AHWG stating that these had met Parties' expectations. He highlighted other achievements including, on the additional implementation annex, the declaration, proposals to improve the work of the CST and the decision related to the GEF and how to enhance access to that body to assist countries with CCD implementation. 

Nigeria, for G-77/China, thanked the COP President, the Bureau, Executive Secretary, Secretariat and fellow delegates. He highlighted actions needed to assist affected and the need for new and additional funding as well as steady and predictable sources of funding.


Juan Luis Merega, (right) Fundacion del Sur, made a statement on behalf of the NGOs. He said that although COP-4 was not a failure, its results fell short of expectations. He noted with concern the slow pace of CCD implementation, the number of unresolved issues, including on provision of financial resources and the lack of political mandate to establish concrete goals. He said lack of financial support could render the Convention irrelevant within two years. On the reports presented to the AHWG, he noted with appreciation the involvement of civil society in NAP implementation and the incorporation of gender perspectives by some countries.

The COP President highlighted positive aspects of the two-week COP meeting, assured his commitment to making the Convention a tool for changing peoples lives in affected areas. He closed the session at 11:30 pm. 
ENB's Global Mechanism Interview:

ENB writer Elisabeth Corell interviews Per Rydén, Managing Director of Global Mechanism (GM) along with Khalida Bouzar, Programme Officer for Asia and North Africa about the history, operation/functions and future prospects of the GM. 

Listen to the entire interview in RealAudio

1. How did the GM come about?

2. How does the GM operates?

3. Could you provide practical examples?

4. GM-GEF discussions

5. How do you envision the role of the GM?

Simone Quatrini, Information Systems Manager/Finacial Analyst GM presented the FIELD system (Financial Information on Land Degradation) in a GM side event attended by Parties and various international organizations. The FIELD system was developed by the GM in collaboration with IFAD and FAO. 

 PDF version Read the Briefing Note of the FIELD presentation in PDF

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