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Fourth Conference of the Parties 
to the Convention to 
Combat Desertification
Bonn, Germany; 11-22 December 2000


Highlights from Tuesday, 12 December

Delegates convened in a morning Plenary session to consider organizational matters and hear statements from various UN bodies and related organizations and NGOs. A Committee of the Whole (COW) was established and met in an afternoon session. The Committee on Science and Technology (CST) convened in an afternoon session to consider its organization of work and begin discussion on scientific and technical information used to measure progress.

Above photo: Zambiin Batjargal 
of Mongolia was elected to the 
post of COP-4 President

Right photo: The dias during the
morning plenary


Plenary Statements:

CCD Executive Secretary, Hama Arba Diallo, summarized the activities undertaken at the national, sub-regional and regional levels, and reported that a Round Table of Parliamentarians will be held between 12 and 13 December, in parallel with the COP sessions.

Hama Arba Diallo's plenary statement

The WORLD METEOROLOGICAL ORGANIZATION invited the COP to give special attention to, inter alia: developing and enhancing proactive drought early warning systems; determining vulnerability profiles and comprehensive assessment of social, economic and environmental impacts based on indicators that can be monitored as drought develops; and providing technical and financial resources to the most vulnerable countries.


*RealAudio of the Plenary Statements to follow soon

Above photo: G.O.P. Obasi, WMO Secretary General giving his plenary statement

Noting a steep increase in the number of requests for the Global Mechanism's (GM) services, the INTERNATIONAL FUND FOR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT (IFAD) said bilateral support to the GM has been sporadic and insufficient. He urged the COP to reaffirm its commitments to support the GM and ensure that it is allocated the necessary resources to perform its duties effectively.

Above photo: (L-R) Participants from IFAD, Per Rydén, 
Takao Shibata (IFAD Assistant President), and Fawzi Rihane

The CONVENTION ON MIGRATORY SPECIES OF WILD ANIMALS (CMS) called for synergies at all levels including national levels, between the CCD and the CMS.

Left photo:Arnulf Müller-Helmbrecht, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals



The FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION highlighted the need to strengthen efforts to identify and disseminate simple and effective agricultural practices that simultaneously enhance resource and biodiversity conservation, food security, social stability and improve incomes, and undertake and implement institutional reforms to strengthen local populations' access to micro-credit, agricultural markets.

Right photo: Mr. El Hadji Sène of FAO delivering his opening statements during this morning's plenary

NIGERIA, on behalf of the G-77/China called for the: enhancement of the GM to enable it to fulfil its mandate; establishment of an institutional structure to monitor CCD implementation; and formulation of a declaration with a time frame and measurable results.

Left photo: Hon. Minister Imeh Okopido (Nigeria) giving his plenary statement on behalf of G77/China.

Committee of the Whole:COW

The COW began, but failed to conclude consideration of Agenda Item 7, on Implementation of the Convention. Executive Secretary Diallo presented the documents to be considered (ICCD/COP(4)/3/Add 7 and Add 7(A)) and said only 33 reports could be considered at COP-4. The rest would be deferred to two intersessional meetings in March and April 2001.

Above photo: The dias during the afternoon session of the COW, chaired by Kabelo Mafura (Lesotho)

Committee of Science and Technology:CST

On the CST agenda, delegates agreed to an EU proposal to discuss how to enhance the effectiveness of the CST in order to submit concrete proposals for COP consideration. 

Right photo: The dias during the afternoon session of the CST, chaired by Olarewanju Smith (Canada)


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