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Seventh session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) for an international legally binding instrument for the application of the Prior Informed Consent
procedure for certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides in international trade

Geneva, Switzerland, 30 October - 3 November 2000

Friday, 03 November.


On Friday, 3 November, delegates met for the closing session of INC-7 to hear the report of the Legal Working Group and adopt the report of the meeting. Over 230 delegates from more than 100 countries, including representatives of IGOs and NGOs, attended the five-day meeting. During INC-7, participants discussed, inter alia, the activities of the Secretariat, implementation of the interim PIC procedure, the work of the Interim Chemical Review Committee (ICRC), preparation for the Conference of the Parties, and issues arising out of the Conference of the Plenipotentiaries.

Participants at INC-7 gathered to consider a series of issues that mark the "twilight zone" separating the Rotterdam Convention's adoption and its entry into force, a zone patrolled by transitional complexities surrounding discontinuation of the interim PIC procedure. In spite of a heavy agenda, a show of new faces and a tendency to seek further advice on complex questions, delegates dispensed with many agenda items ahead of schedule and, in a cooperative spirit, made measured progress on many of the issues at hand. With Convention ratifications now at eleven out of the required fifty, delegates left INC-7 satisfied with their progress but also cognizant that much work remains in the period leading up to the first Conference of the Parties.

See the ENB Summary and Analysis for a full report of INC-7



From left to right: Hal Cohen and Niek van der Graaff, FAO, Maria Celina de Azevedo Rodrigues, Chair and Jim Willis, UNEP Chemicals.


In closing remarks, Chair Rodrigues thanked delegates, the Secretariat and the Bureau for completing the work as scheduled. She wished participants a safe journey home and looked forward to seeing them at INC-8 in Rome. Chair Rodrigues gaveled INC-7 to a close at 1:10 pm.



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Legal Drafting Group Chair Patrick Szell, UK, presented the report of the Group. He said the report was not final but reflected progress made by the Group, and that they only had time to cover rules of procedure, and not arbitration and conciliation procedures.

Chair Rodrigues thanks the members of the Legal Drafting Group and comments on their future work.

Nigeria, on behalf of the African Group, congratulated the Secretariat and participants for helping to achieve the goals of the meeting. He presented a African Group Declaration that: reaffirmed Africa's commitment with the Convention; noted the lack of an international legal framework to address illicit trafficking; underscored the need for assistance in building the region capacity for successful implementation; and invited other stakeholders from the private sector to implement UNEP and FAO's codes of conduct on international trade in chemicals and pesticides.

Chinese delegates confer after the conclusion of the Plenary.

Delegates from Korea and Japan shake hands at the conclusion of PIC7.



List of Documentation for the 7th INC Session
ENB report from PIC-6 (pdf format)
The agenda (pdf format)
Rotterdam Convention (United Nations)

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