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Seventh session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) for an international legally binding instrument for the application of the Prior Informed Consent
procedure for certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides in international trade

Geneva, Switzerland, 30 October - 3 November 2000


Wednesday, 01 November.


On the third day of INC-7, delegates met in morning and afternoon Plenary sessions. Participants discussed, inter alia, discontinuation of the interim PIC procedure, rules of procedure for the COP, financial arrangements, settlement of disputes and non-compliance.



The US clarifies their understanding of the functioning of the Interim PIC Procedure.
UK delegation consulting during a break in discussions.

Canada noted that while 163 countries currently participate in the interim procedure, once the Convention enters into force with 50 ratifications, 113 countries will be non-Parties and therefore unable to participate.


  Jim Willis, UNEP Chemicals, advised that agreement had been reached to hold ICRC-2 from 19-23 March 2001 and INC-8 from 8-12 October 2001, both at the FAO in Rome.

Iran said that a gap in implementation could damage the aim of the Convention and proposed that the Secretariat prepare a questionnaire asking governments when they will ratify and to state reasons for delay or obstacles to ratification.

Jafar Ghaemieh, Counselor and Deputy Head, National Authority for Chemicals, Iran.

Niek van der Graaff, FAO, outlined Issues Associated with the Discontinuation of the Interim PIC Procedure.
Maria Cristina Cardenas Fischer, Colombia, said the COP is the highest authority and should make decisions regarding non-Parties.

New Zealand discusses the appropriate length of intervals between COPs
Kenya said that trade between Parties and Non-Parties should continue during the transition period.


Members of the Russian Federation and Ukrainian delegations.

The Russian Federation suggested a gradual convergence of the interim procedure and the Convention in order to facilitate countries' ratification.

Ukraine stressed that ratification can be a lengthy process requiring assistance from the Secretariat.


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