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Seventh session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) for an international legally binding instrument for the application of the Prior Informed Consent
procedure for certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides in international trade

Geneva, Switzerland, 30 October - 3 November 2000


Thursday, 02 November.


On the fourth day of INC-7, delegates met in morning Regional Group sessions and in the Legal Working Group on rules of procedure for the COP, dispute settlement and non-compliance. Afternoon Plenary discussions centered on the assignment of Harmonized System customs codes for PIC chemicals, the report of the Contact Group on contaminants, and matters relating to the experts of the ICRC.



Richard Campbell of the ENB talks with Peter Hurst, International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Association (IUF).

Erik Larsson, Interim Secretariat, outlined the Assignment of Specific Harmonized System Customs Codes. He reminded delegates that INC-6 had invited the Secretariat to initiate contact with the World Customs Organization (WCO), and that the WCO was encouraged to assign Harmonized System (HS) customs codes to Annex III chemicals.

The representative of the WCO outlined progress made by his organization toward assignment of HS customs codes. He noted that HS custom codes are used by more than 175 countries and customs or economic unions, and used for trade policy, rules of origin, monitoring of certain controlled goods, internal taxes, freight tariffs and transport statistics. He said the HS Committee prepares recommendations to ensure uniformity in application of the HS and can furnish information or guidance on any matters concerning classification of goods by interested parties.

Australia, noting her discussions with New Zealand, Norway, the US and Canada, proposed that the Secretariat prepare a declaration form and procedure regarding conflicts of interest of ICRC technical experts and consider approaches in other conventions.

The information display area outside of the conference Plenary. Posters, leaflets and CD-ROM's from UNEP, the FAO and other organizations were available to delegates and other interested parties.

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List of Documentation for the 7th INC Session
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