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Second Session of the Governing Body of the 
International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

29 October - 2 November 2007| Rome, Italy

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Highlights from Wednesday, 31 October
On Wednesday, the Governing Body met in plenary to consider compliance, implementation of the funding strategy, sustainable use and farmers’ rights. The budget committee met in the evening.


Campbell G. Davidson, Canada, for the North American Group, supported forming a contact group on compliance, noting that detailed text would need to be considered.
Elizabeth Matos, Angola, for the G-77/China, presented a draft resolution requesting the Secretary to compile parties’ views and experiences on farmers’ rights implementation for GB-3 consideration.

Hadyaton Dantsey-Barry, Togo
M. W. Tawil, Syria
Ali Abdulla Al-Shurai, Yemen

Ana Berretta, Uruguay suggested that developed country parties raise funds in their own countries before hiring a professional fundraiser.
Michelle Adrianamahazo, Madagascar stressed that information exchange is relevant to the operationalization of the funding strategy.
Mónica Martínez, Ecuador for G-77/China, stated that the Governing Body must give due consideration to developing countries' priorities, namely financial resources.

Cristina Grandi, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements Liaison Office to FAO
Patrick Mulvany, Practical Action, proposed compiling and publishing information on parties’ financial contributions.

Jane Bulmer, on behalf of the European Union.
Michael Halewood, Bioversity International, for the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).
Evans Sikinyi, Kenya.


Pat Mooney, ETC Group, noted that only a small number of governments are blocking progress to adequately funding Treaty implementation.
Ibrahima Coulibaly, representative of farmer organizations, asserted that the Treaty should be suspended as long as it does not provide for adequate recognition of farmers’ roles and protection of their rights to reproduce and exchange seeds.

Joyson Mazamo, Asian Pacific Indigenous Youth Network
Helen Groone, Basque Farmers Union

Side Event
The Governments of Norway and Zambia and the Fridtjof Nansen Institute held a side event on the realization of farmers’ rights and the role of the Governing Body in suporting farmers’ rights implementation. The organizers presented a report from informal international consultations held in Zambia in September 2007, and an input paper prepared on the basis of proposals made during the consultations. The input paper contains recommendations on concrete measures that could be adopted by the Governing Body to protect and promote farmers’ rights, including enhancing farmer participation in the Governing Body, compiling views and experiences in farmers’ rights implementation, and developing guidelines to assist parties in realizing farmers’ rights.




ENB Team

Elsa Tsioumani, (Greece) and Wagaki Mwangi (Kenya)
Reem Hajjar (Lebanon/Canada)

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