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Une année d'apprentissage pour les négociations environnementales

Négocier des accords mondiaux sur l'action climatique, la restauration de la biodiversité, le contrôle de la pollution plastique et d'autres crises environnementales n'est pas facile dans le meilleur des cas - et 2021 en était loin. Pourtant, il y a eu des gains alors que le monde naviguait sur des vagues changeantes de COVID-19 et un partage inégal des vaccins. Notre rapport L'état des négociations environnementales mondiales 2021 explore les faits saillants et les points faibles de l'année écoulée. La lettre d'ouverture de la Dre Jennifer Allan met cette année tumultueuse en contexte tout en envisageant les jalons de négociation possibles en 2022.

A Year of Learning for Environmental Negotiations

Negotiating global agreements on climate action, biodiversity restoration, plastic pollution control, and other environmental crises is not easy at the best of times—and 2021 was far from that. Yet there were gains as the world navigated shifting waves of COVID-19 and unequal vaccine sharing. Our report The State of Global Environmental Negotiations 2021 explores the highlights and lowlights of the past year. Dr. Jennifer Allan's opening letter puts this tumultuous year in context while looking ahead to the possible negotiating milestones in 2022.

COP 26 Halfway Point Recap

At the midway point of the Glasgow Climate Change Conference (COP 26) where do negotiations stand?

The Paradox of Pledging

With less than a month until the Glasgow Climate Change Conference, we ask: Is flexibility justified in environmental action?

How to Make Hybrid Meetings Work

All three Rio Conventions announced in-person meetings for the final quarter of 2021. The trio of organizations—UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)—all seem to be going ahead full steam. The UNFCCC Bureau just announced it will hold three weeks of informal talks in June and agreed decision making is an in-person affair, to occur at the next formal meeting. (The day after this article was originally published, the UNCCD announced its COP will take place in 2022. A virtual ExCOP will adopt an interim budget this year.)