Highlights and images for 8 May 2024

UN Headquarters, New York, New York City, United States of America

The second full day of negotiations on draft texts of the High-level declaration and the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) omnibus resolution did not reach consensus on many issues by the stated deadline of 5:00 pm Wednesday, despite lengthy efforts by the co-facilitators to propose “streamlined” compromise text. They assigned key contentious issues to contact groups to continue outside normal working hours on Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning in the hopes of forging compromises in time for the declaration to be adopted on Thursday afternoon and the omnibus resolution on Friday.

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WG1 Chairs - UNFF19 - 8May2024

Co-facilitators of Informal Working Group 1 Jaroslav Kubišta (Czechia), and Leticia Zamora Zumbado (Costa Rica)

The declaration is intended to provide a high-level political commitment on the way forward on forests, while the resolution would set the mandate for specific future actions by the UNFF and its stakeholders for implementing the UN Strategic Plan for Forests (UNSPF), agree on the Mid-Term Review on the effectiveness of the International Arrangement on Forests, and set the UNFF’s Quadrennial Programme of Work for 2025-2027.

View of Room 4 - UNFF19 - 8May2024

View of the room during the Informal Working Group 1 session

In the morning negotiations on the draft declaration, delegates appeared to find common ground on including the terms “Indigenous Peoples,” “forest communities,” and “local communities,” and referencing a link between traditional knowledge and innovations and better forest conservation and management. Another breakthrough was to agree on the second operational paragraph on implementation of the UN Forest Instrument, the UNSPF, and the role of forests in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Working Group 2 Chairs - UNFF19 - 8May2024

Co-facilitators of Informal Working Group 2 Maureen Whelan (Canada), and Avhashoni Renny Madula (South Africa)

No breakthrough was achieved on deforestation drivers, unilateral coercive measures, means of implementation, references to other environmental agreements or fora, or referencing forests as a solution to climate change.

Small groups tried unsuccessfully during lunch to forge compromises on deforestation drivers and means of implementation, while the co-facilitators worked to streamline the rest of the text. A contact group met Wednesday evening to continue work on the basis of a new text containing the co-facilitators’ proposals.

Negotiators in informal consultations 2 - UNFF19 - 8May2024

Negotiators in informal consultations

In the negotiations on the omnibus resolution, hours of talks and an afternoon effort by the co-facilitators to produce acceptable compromise wordings did not result in consensus on gender, Secretariat resources, synergies, bioeconomy, reversing deforestation, preventing forest degradation, or references to other agreements and fora. However, a proposal to add wording on “streamlining reporting and data sharing” received little opposition. It was decided to convene a contact group on Thursday morning before the High-level Segment in the hopes of forging compromises to pave the way for adoption of a finalized omnibus resolution on Friday.

Doors closed - UNFF19 - 8May2024

Doors remained closed to observers throughout the day