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UN DOALOS Ninth Session of the Open-ended
Informal Consultative Process
on Oceans and the Law of the Sea

UN Headquarters, New York | 23-27 June 2008
United Nations
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ICP-9 Reaches Agreement in New York

On "casual Friday," delegates to the ninth meeting of the UN Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea (Consultative Process or ICP-9) convened to consider the Co-Chairs' draft on possible elements to be suggested for the UN General Assembly to consider on the topics of maritime security and safety. In the morning, audio difficulties delayed the start until near noon and forced a move to the General Assembly Hall, where delegates heard a few general statements, followed by remarks on the Co-Chairs' draft as a whole.

In the late morning and afternoon, participants considered the text of the draft elements, paragraph by paragraph. Due to the day's late start, discussion continued into the evening. Prolonged debate occurred on several elements, but delegates persevered to find consensus, and Co-Chair Ridgeway declared the draft elements agreed at 9:05pm. After brief closing remarks by the Co-Chairs, the meeting adjourned at 9:12pm.

Above: A view of morning plenary in the General Assembly Hall.

Friday, 27 June

Co-Chairs Lori Ridgeway, Canada, and Amb. Paul Badji, Senegal, and Gabriele Goettsche-Wanli, UN-DOALOS.

Maria Teresa Mesquita Pessôa, Brazil.

Caleb Christopher, Marshall Islands.

Holger Martinsen, Argentina.

Dire Tladi, South Africa.

Sandra de Cumberbatch, Panama.

Tumasie Blair, Antigua and Barbuda, for the G-77/China.

Aleksander Čičerov, Slovenia, for the EU.

Oro Manuhutu, Indonesia.

Nancy Karigithu, Kenya.

Neeru Chadha, India.

Edna Chia, Singapore.

Elhadj Lamine, Algeria.

Muhammad Shah, Pakistan.

Ifeyinwa Angela Nworgu, Nigeria.

Matthías Pálsson, Iceland.

Donald Sinclair, Canada.

Masumi Yamamoto, Japan.

Juana Elena Ramos, Cuba.

Greg O'Brien, United States.

Philip Burgess, Australia.

Saliou Niang Dieng, Senegal.

Duncan Muhumuza Laki, Uganda.

Neil Frank Ferrer, the Philippines.

Renée Sauvée, Canada, conferring with Phil Burgess, Australia.

Oro Manuhutu, Indonesia, and Maria Teresa Mesquita Pessôa, Brazil, working on compromise text on IUU fishing.

Co-Chair Ridgeway gaveled the draft elements as agreed at 9:05pm.

Co-Chairs Badji and Ridgeway.

DOALOS Director Václav Mikulka and Co-Chair Badji.

Marcos de Almeida, Brazil, hugged Anne Frenette, Canada.

Director Mikulka and Aleksander Čičerov, Slovenia.

Your Earth Negotiations Bulletin ICP-9 team: Dan Birchall, Digital Editor, US; Leila Mead, Writer, US; James Van Alstine, Team Leader/Writer, US; Daniela Diz, Writer, Brazil; Robynne Boyd, Writer, US.

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