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Highlights and images for 28 May 2024

St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda

Vanessa Frazier, Malta, is interviewed by a youth representative

Vanessa Frazier (right), Malta, is interviewed by a youth representative

On the second day of the Conference, participants had to choose from a myriad of options: attend a High-level meeting on resource mobilization, continue hearing country statements in Plenary, or attend interactive dialogues. The opportunities for exchange helped deepen the conversation about climate-related perils faced by Small Island Developing States and the path set forth in the proposed Conference outcome document, the Antigua and Barbuda Agenda for SIDS (ABAS).

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During the morning’s High-level Meeting on Resource Mobilization, topics included eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, reforming financial architecture, and capitalizing the Green Climate Fund and Loss and Damage Fund.

A High-level event took place at lunch time

A High-level event took place with António Guterres, UN Secretary-General; Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados; and Gaston Browne, President of the 4th SIDS Conference

During country statements, many hailed the recent advisory opinion on climate change from the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, and the request for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on climate change responsibilities. On the ABAS, some highlighted its mention of fossil fuel subsidies, but felt it could have been stronger.

Several countries commented on the impact of conflicts in the Middle East and the Ukraine-Russia war. Papua New Guinea responded to the many condolences offered regarding the recent devastating landslide, saying, “It is a clear reminder of the vulnerabilities facing SIDS.”

Teburoro Tito, Kiribati

Amb. Teburoro Tito, Kiribati

In contrast to the country statements, the interactive dialogues offered more in-depth dives into specific topics: revitalizing SIDS’ economies for accelerated and sustainable growth; and enhancing critical forms of financing and aid effectiveness through collaborative partnerships.

The evening’s special event, a Private Sector Roundtable, brought together leaders from the private sector, island governments and development partners for a discussion on partnerships for resilient island economies.

While the conversations may have flowed, some participants felt the opportunity for SIDS to be heard was inadequate. Those present still have two more days at the Conference before the next 10-year gap begins between SIDS Conferences.

A view of the room during the Interactive Dialogue on Revitalising SIDS’ Economies for Accelerated and Sustainable Growth

A view of the room during the First Interactive Dialogue

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