Highlights and images for 17 November 2017



The Fiji / Bonn Climate Change Conference continued on Thursday. In the morning, the closing plenaries of Conference of the Parties (COP) and Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) began, and then suspended to allow more time for consultations. Throughout the afternoon, delegates met in bilateral, group, and heads of delegation consultations to discuss the Talanoa Dialogue, Adaptation Fund, and a proposal regarding modalities for Paris Agreement Article 9.5 (ex ante finance transparency), among other issues.
These consultations were continuing at 7:30 pm.

** 1:00 am - The APA has yet to reconvene. Consultations continue.

** 1:05 am - The CMP resumes its closing plenary.

** 1:14 am - CMP adjourned. COP opened.

** 1:39 am - COP adjourned.

** 2:10 am - The APA plenary resumes.

** 2:37 am - The APA suspends its session. The COP will resume shortly.

** 4:32 am - The CMP resumes.

** 4:36 am - The CMP adjourned. COP opened.

** 5:08 am - The COP adjourned. CMA opened.

** 5:11 am - CMA adjourns. A joint COP/CMP/CMA plenary opens to hear closing statements.

** 6:56 am - COP 23 gaveled to a close.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth
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APA Closing Plenary

View of the dais during the APA closing plenary

APA Co-Chairs Jo Tyndall, New Zealand, and Sarah Baashan, Saudi Arabia

Gebru Jember, Ethiopia, speaking on behalf of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

Walter Schuldt Espinel, Ecuador, speaking on behalf of the G-77/China

Meelis Münt, EU

Franz Perrez, Switzerland, speaking on behalf of the Environmental Integrity Group (EIG)

Isabel Di Carlo Quero, Venezuela, speaking on behalf of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA)

Mohamed Nasr, Egypt

Patrick Suckling, Australia, on behalf of the Umbrella Group

Resumed COP and CMP Closing Plenary

View of the dais during the closing plenary

Frank Bainimarama, COP 23/CMP 13/CMA 1-2 President

Mehmet Emin Birpınar, Turkey

Jochen Flasbarth, Germany

Jan Szyszko, Minister of Environment, Poland, and incoming COP 24/ CMP 14/ CMA1-3

Julia Wolf, Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN (FAO)

Delegates huddle in the early hours of the morning

Observers watch delegates huddle from the gallery

Informal Consultations throughout the Day

Members of developed countries huddle to discuss Paris Agreement Article 9.5 and other remaining matters

Members of the G-77/China huddle to discuss issues related to the Adaptation Fund

Delegates huddle to discuss new draft text

Delegates gather for informal negotiations as the room is filled to capacity

COP/CMP Closing Plenaries - Part 1

View of the dais during the joint closing plenaries

Frank Bainimarama, COP 23/CMP 13/CMA 1-2 President

Nazhat Shameem Khan, COP 23/CMP 13/CMA 1-2 Presidency

Marcela Main Sancha, Secretary to the COP/CMP

SBI Chair Tomasz Chruszczow, Poland, and SBSTA Chair Carlos Fuller, Belize

APA Co-Chairs Jo Tyndall, New Zealand, and Sarah Baashan, Saudi Arabia

Delegates during the plenary

Civil Society Actions

In a demonstration outside the venue, members of civil society call on governments to transform energy systems, keep global temperatures below 1.5C, and ensure climate justice for affected people

The Eiffel Tower wanders through the venue to remind delegates of the Paris goals

Around the Venue

German police outside the venue

APA Co-Chairs Jo Tyndall, New Zealand, and Sarah Baashan, Saudi Arabia, speak with Walter Schuldt Espinel, Ecuador

Laurence Pollier and Vanessa Matarazzi, UNFCCC Secretariat; SBI Chair Tomasz Chruszczow, Poland; and Katia Simonova, UNFCCC Secretariat

Kuni Shimada, Japan

Halldór Thorgeirsson, Director for Strategy, UNFCCC Secretariat, speaks with Inia Seruiratu, Minister of Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, and National Disaster Management, and High-Level Climate Champion, Fiji

UN Security around the venue

Delegates from the Comoros

Delegates from Egypt

Delegates from Austria

Delegates from Suriname

Bernarditas Muller, the Philippines

Delegates from the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, UAE

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) team covering COP 23: Kiara Worth, South Africa; Mari Luomi, Finland/UAE; Dina Hestad, Norway/UK; Annelies van Gaalen, South Africa; Jen Allan; Canada; Katie Browne, US; and Aaron Cosbey, Canada