Highlights and images for 9 May 2017



The Bonn Climate Change Conference continued Tuesday. In the morning, the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA) contact group and Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) plenary convened. Contact groups and informal consultations convened throughout the day.

Several mandated events convened throughout the day. Two Technical Expert Meeting (TEMs) on mitigation, focusing on city-level collaboration to achieve emission reductions and sustainable development, and on innovative policy and technology solutions for sustainable urban development. Other mandated events included the meeting of the Technical Expert Group on the impact of the implementation of response measures.

IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB Meeting Coverage, provided digital coverage, daily reports and a summary and analysis report from the Bonn Climate Change Conference - May 2017.

Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth
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Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA) Contact Group

View of the dais during the APA contact group

APA Co-Chair Jo Tyndall, New Zealand

APA Co-Chair Sarah Baashan, Saudi Arabia

Raed Albasseet, Saudi Arabia

Felipe Ferreira, Brazil

Collin Beck, Solomon Islands

Ravi Prasad, India

Chen Zhihua, China

Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) Plenary

View of the dais during the SBI plenary

Chan-Woo Kim, Republic of Korea, speaking on behalf of the Environmental Integrity Group (EIG)

SBI Chair Tomasz Chruszczow, Poland

Simone Borg, EU

Gebru Jember, Ethiopia, speaking on behalf of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

Amjad Abdulla, Maldives, speaking on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS)

Isabel Di Carlo Quero, Venezuela, speaking on behalf of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA)

Ndivile Colia Mokoena, Women and Gender

Ceris Jones, Farmers

Alberto Saldamando, Indigenous Peoples

Sara Kupka, Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA)

Roundtable Discussions among Parties in Relation to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Panel speakers (L-R): Amy Steen, UNFCCC Secretariat; Co-Facilitator Hugh Sealy, Maldives; Co-Facilitator Kelley Kizzier, EU; and Phillip Eyre, UNFCCC Secretariat

Delegates participate in roundtable discussions

Contact Groups throughout the Day

SBI/Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) contact group on the implementation of response measures

SBSTA contact group on the modalities for the accounting of financial resources (Paris Agreement Article 9.7)

Arrangements for Intergovernmental Meetings (AIM) Workshop

View of the panel during the in-session workshop on opportunities to further enhance the effective engagement of non-party stakeholders with a view to strengthening the implementation of the provisions of decision 1/CP.21.

Inia Seruiratu, Minister of Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management, and High-Level Climate Champion, Fiji

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa

Kalyani Raj, All India Women’s Conference, Women and Gender

Walter Schuldt-Espinel, Ecuador, on behalf of the Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDCs)

 Ulrik Lenaerts, EU

Norine Kennedy, US Council for International Business, Business and Industry NGOs (BINGO)

Yunus Arikan, Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), LGMA

Marcos Montoiro, UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

Technical Expert Meeting (TEM) on Mitigation

Delegates gather for the TEM on mitigation, innovative policy and technology solutions for sustainable urban development

Stella Gama, Technology Executive Committee

Winfried Damm, GIZ Proklima

Xiaomei Duan, Far East BRT Planning Company, China

Johnny Stuen, Municipality's Waste-to-Energy Agency, City of Oslo, Norway

Around the Venue

A delegate reviews the schedule at the start of the day

Delegates from Tajikistan

Issa Aliyev, Azerbaijan, and Talieh Wögerbauer, Austria

Yunus Arikan, ICLEI, and Kimo Goree, Vice-President, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa speaks with Oleg Shamanov, Russian Federation

Maesela Kekana and Alf Wills, South Africa

Delegates read the IISD Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) website and daily report to keep track of negotiations

Delegates between sessions

Amjad Abdulla, Maldives