Highlights and images for 28 November 2019



Highlights for Thursday, 28 November 2019

From L-R: Caridad Canales, CBD Secretariat; Alexander Shestakov, CBD Secretariat; SBSTTA 23 Chair Hesiquio Benítez Díaz; CBD Deputy Executive Secretary David Cooper; and John Scott, CBD Secretariat

Delegates to the 23rd meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical, and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 23) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) met in plenary throughout the day to address draft recommendations on: possible elements of work on the links between nature and culture; biodiversity and climate change; and new and emerging issues. Regarding the links between nature and culture, delegates discussed a paragraph noting that “nothing in the work programme on the links between nature and culture should be interpreted or used to support non-tariff barriers to trade.” They further deliberated on a draft recommendation adding tasks for the programme of work on developing strategies for benefit-sharing with traditional knowledge holders and on integrating cultural values attached to biodiversity into a supportive framework. These recommendations have been either bracketed or deleted. Delegates discussed at length the draft recommendation on biodiversity and climate change. They exchanged opinions on the use of the term “ecosystem-based approaches” vis-à-vis “nature-based solutions.” They reached agreement on a request to the Secretariat to invite written submissions on possible post-2020 targets and indicators related to biodiversity and climate change for the consideration of the Open-ended Working Group on the post-2020 global biodiversity framework. They further decided to bracket references to: required “socioeconomic, cultural, and political changes;” a recommendation noting certain practices harmful to biodiversity; and a reference to nationally determined contributions within a recommendation towards strengthening the efforts to integrate biodiversity conservation to climate change adaptation, mitigation, and disaster risk reduction. The draft recommendation on new and emerging issues was approved without amendments, deferring the decision on whether synthetic biology should be classified as a new and emerging issue to SBSTTA 24. In the evening, delegates met in a contact group, co-chaired by Anne Teller (EU) and Jorge Murillo (Colombia), to address direct drivers of biodiversity loss, focusing on invasive alien species, climate change, and pollution. They further exchanged ideas on the use and values of nature, and relevant tools, solutions, and leverage points. Discussions continued into the night.For more details on the day’s negotiations and to hear what delegates said in the corridors, see our daily Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB).

IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB Meeting Coverage, provided daily web coverage and daily reports from WG8J 11 and SBSTTA 23. In addition, IISD Reporting Services has published a summary and analysis report from the meetings in HTML and PDF.

Photos by IISD/ENB | Mike Muzurakis

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Jorge Murillo, Colombia
Andrea Cruz-Angón, Mexico
Jaime Grubb, Australia
Alexander Shestakov, CBD Secretariat, and SBSTTA 23 Chair Hesiquio Benítez Díaz
Adem Bilgin, Turkey
Karin Zaunberger, EU
Ines Verleye, Belgium
Mitzi Gurgel Valente da Costa, Brazil
Roxana Solis, Peru
Rosemary Paterson, New Zealand
Anki Weibull, Sweden

Lorenzo Ciccarese, Italy
Rebecca Kennedy, Canada
Makiko Yanagiya, Japan
Joaqin Salzberg, Argentina, with Basile van Havre, Co-Chair, Open-ended Working Group (OEWG) on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
Trine Hay Setsaas, Norway, with CBD Deputy Executive Secretary David Cooper
Nader Ibrahim and Caridad Canales, CBD Secretariat
Gabriele Obermayr, Austria
Angel Onofa, Ecuador
Gillian Guthrie, Jamaica
SBSTTA 23 Chair Hesiquio Benítez Díaz, conferring with members of the CBD Secretariat
Basile van Havre, Co-Chair, OEWG on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, and Jim Thomas, ETC Group
Article 8(j) Working Group Co-Chair Hamdallah Zedan, Egypt, with Charlotta Sörqvist, Sweden
Room view during the contact group
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