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IISD Reporting Services - IGFThe 12th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) and a number of associated workshops are taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 24-28 October 2016. The theme of the AGM is, “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Mining.”

Government representatives gathered on Monday, 24 October 2016, for intergovernmental workshops on regional priorities and best practices, followed by a discussion about IGF services and the IGF Task Force on Strategy. Three parallel discussions took place in the morning and afternoon, with participants discussing the same topics in English, French and Spanish. Following an overview of the IGF and the Mining Policy Framework (MPF), the three groups identified key challenges that countries face in optimizing the contribution of the mining sector to sustainable development.

During the report on the Task Force on Strategy at the end of the day, IGF Members were briefed on the IGF’s Strategic Plan 2017-2021. The Plan will be guided by three overarching goals: enhancing the capacity of Members to effectively manage areas of mineral resources and sustainable development that are under their prerogative; fostering multi-stakeholder knowledge sharing and collaboration through constructive and inclusive policy dialogue on good governance of the mineral resources sector; and supporting implementation of the MPF Framework by Members in order to foster good governance and the achievement of the SDGs.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Angeles Estrada
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Intergovernmental Workshops on Regional Priorities and Best Practices

Greg Radford, Director, IGF Secretariat

Glenn Gemerts, Chair of IGF Executive Committee, Suriname

Greg Radford, Director, IGF Secretariat

Thammary Vhiriri, Zimbabwe

Euliene Van, Guyana, and Linda Linger, Suriname

Peter Awuhh, and Jerry Ahadje, Ghana

Matthew Bliss, IGF Secretariat

Participants during the English-language workshop

Jamba Kolee, Liberia, Okono Vivian, Nigeria, and Yunusa Mohammed, Nigeria



Matthew Bliss, IGF Secretariat

Suzy Nikièma, IGF Secretariat

Pierre Louis Honoré, Haiti

Howard Mann, IGF Secretariat

Nathalie Bernasconie, IISD


Howard Mann, IGF Secretariat, and Scott Vaughan, IISD President

Ahmed Dhaker, Mauritania

Clémence Nare, IISD

Martin Brauch, IISD

Andrea Balseca, Ecuador

Participants during the Spanish-language workshop

Participants during the Spanish-language workshop



Report on Task Force on Strategy

Jackeline de Oliveria, Chair of the Task Force on Strategy


Around the Venue



Nancy Williams, IISDRS, United States, Scott Vaughan, IISD President, and Yixian Sun, IISDRS, China