Highlights and images for 12 September 2017



On Tuesday, 12 September, COP 13 delegates participated in dialogues on gender and land rights, the role of local governments in addressing the challenges of land degradation, and the role of the private sector in helping achievement of land degradation neutrality. These dialogues were the final substantive sessions of the two-day High-Level Segment. In the morning, the inaugural edition of the UNCCD’s Global Land Outlook took place, while in the evening a ceremony to launch the LDN Fund occured, following the close of the High-Level Segment. COW contact groups also continued to convene, with informal discussions taking place throughout the day.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Francis Dejon
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High-Level Segment

Interactive Dialogue 1:  Gender and land rights

L-R: Marcos Montoiro, UNCCD Secretariat, with Moderator of the session, Barbara Thomson, Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Ana Di Pangracio, Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN)

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, M'Boro Indigenous Women and People Association, Chad

Shah Abdus Salam, Development Wheel

Ulrich Apel, the Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Stephanie Weiss, Bolivia

María Victoria Chiriboga, Undersecretary of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, Ecuador

Mildred Oliphant, Minister of Labour, South Africa

Zhang Kebin, China

Jennifer MacIntyre, Ambassador for Climate Change, Canada

Adrián León, Venezuela

Ulambayar Tungalag, Mongolia

Fatoumata Cherif, Women, Power and Development, Guinea

Barbara Thomson, Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Interactive Dialogue 2: How can local governments help address the challenges of land degradation?

Pawel Salek, Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment, Poland, Moderator of the session

L-R: Ahmed Aziz Diallo, Mayor of Dori, Burkina Faso; Ashok Sridharan, Mayor of Bonn, Germany; and Shi Yanjie, Vice Mayor of Ordos, China

Shi Yanjie, Vice Mayor of Ordos, China

Ahmed Aziz Diallo, Mayor of Dori, Burkina Faso

Ashok Sridharan, Mayor of Bonn, Germany

Roland Ries, Mayor of Strasbourg, France

Manuel António Lopes de Araújo, Mayor of Quelimane, Mozambique

Video message by Jan Szyszko, Minister of Environment, Poland

Abdoulaye Couliboly, Mali

Judith Marinissen, EU

Meas Pyseth, Cambodia

Boris Pasalic, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jeanne Josette Acacha Akoha, Benin

Phu Hung Nguyen, Viet Nam

L-R: Sam Contreras and Angel Enriquez, the Philippines

L-R: Ulrich Apel; Asha Bobb-Semple; and Jean-Marc Sinnassamy, the GEF

Interactive Dialogue 3: How can the private sector invest to help achieve land degradation neutrality?

Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director-General of Environment, European Commission, Moderator of the session

L-R: Simone Quatrini, Global Mechanism (GM); Philippe Zaouati, CEO, MIROVA; and Wang Wenbiao, Chairman, Elion Resources Group, China

Matthew Reddy, Director, Forest Solutions Group and Climate Smart Agriculture, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD)

Gloverson Moro, Head of R&D Asia-Pacific, Syngenta

Philippe Zaouati, CEO, MIROVA

Wang Wenbiao, Chairman, Elion Resources Group, China

Edward Chomba, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Zambia

Nathalie van Haren, Both ENDS, the Netherlands

Pierre Hele, Minister of Environment Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development, Cameroon

L-R: Erik Grigoryan and Ashot Vardevanyan, Armenia

Closing Ceremony

Monique Barbut, UNCCD Executive Secretary

COP 13 President Zhang Jianlong

Monique Barbut, UNCCD Executive Secretary, showing her appreciation to COP 13 President Zhang Jianlong


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