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Summary and Analysis
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
Second Special Session of the Committee on Science and Technology (CST S-2) of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and Ninth Session of the Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC 9)

16-18 and 21-25 February 2011 | Bonn, Germany
Highlights for Tuesday, 22 February 2011

On Tuesday, 22 February 2011, CRIC 9 delegates discussed: the review and compilation of best practices in sustainable land management technologies, including adaptation; input from the CST on impact indicators for strategic objectives 1, 2 and 3 of the Strategy; the iterative process relating to the assessment of implementation, including performance indicators, methodology and the reporting procedures, and options to increase synergies in monitoring the Rio Conventions; and status of implementation, potential role and need for alignment with the Strategy of sub-regional and regional action programmes to combat desertification.

Meetings for the national focal points within their Regional Implementation Annexes, of regional groups and a number of side events were scheduled throughout the day.

Delegates were informed they would receive an oral report by the Chair of the contact group on “Assessment of implementation and review of financial flows” on Wednesday, 23 February.

View of the Rhine river in Bonn
Participants at the ninth session of the UNCCD Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC 9) experienced the sunny day in the glass World Conference Center in Bonn.
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CRIC Delegates
Bongani Masuku, Swaziland.
Ashot Vardevanyan, Armenia.
Ambroise Zanga, Central African Republic.
Beatriz Bueno González, Spain.

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