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Third World Urban Forum (WUF3)
19-23 June 2006 | Vancouver, Canada
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21 June
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(Monday, 26 June 2006)
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Highlights for Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Participants at the third session of the World Urban Forum (WUF3) convened in plenary, dialogues and special sessions in the morning, followed by seven roundtable discussions and numerous networking events in the afternoon. The inaugural HABITAT Alumni Breakfast took place in the morning, which brought together nearly 100 delegates from the 1976 UN Conference on Human Settlements. More information.

Inaugural Habitat Alumni Breakfast

HABITAT Alumni from the UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stolkholm, 1972, Habitat I in Vancouver, 1976, and Habitat II in Istanbul, 1996, attended a special breakfast so that old friends and colleagues could come together to celebrate the lives and efforts that made the HABITAT events successful, while continuing to look towards the future.

Lars Reutersward, UN Habitat
Charles Kelly, Commissioner General, WUF3
Plenary session: Partnership and Finance
Katherine Sierra, Vice-President, World Bank
Mohammad Yousaf Pashtun, Afghanistan’s Minister of Urban Development
Robert Williams, Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Guyana
Pat Jacobsen, Chief Executive Officer, TransLink, Canada
Dialogue 1: Urban Safety and Security: Taking Responsibility
Ian Davis, Cranfield University
Suranjana Gupta, GROOTS International and Hwaorpm Commission
Anna Maria Tremonti, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Presentators and participants at the Urban Safety Dialogue
Dialogue 2: Municiapl Finance: Innovation and Collaboration
Anwar Versi, Editor, African Business, moderates the dialogue on municipal finance
L-R: Zenaida Moya, Mayor of Belize, and Michael Lippe, Transparency International listen at the dialogue on municipal finance
Special Session: Role of Local Government: Leadership in Sustainability
Sybilla Dekker, Minister for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment of the Netherlands, was described as a "rose amongst thorns" for her efforts to promote sustainable urban development
Elisabeth Gateau, UCLG General Secretary, moderated the Special Session on Local Government
Youth Roundtable
Avi Lewis, Canadian award-winning documentary filmmaker and television journalist, addressed the Youth Roundtable
Gendering Land Tools Roundtable
Angie Balata, Habitat International Coalition, drew attention to faith-based land tools, in particular property inheritance rights in Islamic law
Lindiwe Sisulu, South Africa’s Minister of Housing, chaired the Roundtable on Gendering Land Tools
Universities Roundtable
During the Roundtable on universities and urban sustainability, Marcello Balbo (left), University of Venice, conferred with Chair Pietro Garau, University of Rome
L-R: Peter Ngau, University of Nairobi and Margo Fryer, University of British Columbia (UBC)
Environment Roundtable
During the Environment Roundtable, participants identifed common problems and developed project ideas for partnerships for achieving sustainable cities
Mike Simpson (middle), One Sky, discussed sustainable city strategies with other participants during a breakout session
Participants brainstormed at one of the five sub-groups held during the Environment Roundtable. The sub-groups dealt with youth and education; community capacity building, food, safe environment, and energy and resources.
Participants reconvened again together after breakout sessions during the Environment Roundtable
Indigenous People and Media Roundtable
Kamala Todd, Project Director, presented “Our City, Our Voices,” which encourages aboriginal communities to record and share the stories of Vancouver
Manon Barbeau, Corporation Designer-Producer, presented a case study on a mobile studio for filmmaker training that has been touring Aboriginal communities in Quebec for more than two years.
Spirituality Roundtable
Enrique Peñalosa, former Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, stressed that the driving question of "how do we want to live?" is informed by spirituality
Mae-Chee Sunsanee Sthirasuta, Buddist nun and spiritual leader, underscored the importance of happiness for sustainable living
Mayors Roundtable
Gérald Tremblay (left), Mayor of Montreal, co-chaired the Mayors Roundtable
Networking events
Africa Beyond 2005
Housing the poor by engaging the private and citizen sector
At the Housing the Poor by Engaging the Private Sector networking event, Stephanie Schmidt,  Ashoka Global, described how business can change its mind set to achieve greater social impact
Moderator and Tanzanian journalist Jeverali Ulimwengu opened the networking event on Africa Beyond 2005 where participants discussed follow up to the Commission for Africa’s report on “Our Common Interest.” From left to right: Myles Wickstead, Ex-Head of Secretariat, Commission for Africa; Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director, UN-HABITAT; and Ulimwengu.
Sustainable Development of the Far North
Affordable Housing Finance
At the networking event on Sustainable Development of the Far North, Valery
Bronsilavovich Mit’ko
, President, Arctic Academy of Sciences, Russia, discussed sustainable development of cities in Russia’s Arctic through
infrastructure improvements and training for good governance
Nefise Bazoglu, UN-HABITAT, discussed the role of data on donor coordination and decisions for affordable housing at the Affordable Housing Finance networking event
Rapid Urban Sector Profiling for Sustainability
Engaging the Private Sector in Sustainable Urban Development
At the networking event on rapid urban sector profiling for sustainability, Jabril Ibrahim Abdulle, Center for Research and Dialogue, Somalia, spoke of the positive impact of the profiling process in Somalia and its contribution to peace
At the networking event on engaging the private sector in sustainable urban development, José Alberto Fogaça de Medeiros, Brazilian Senator, described the pioneering legislative initiatives of the municipality of Porto Alegre Brazil to improve private-public investment
Monitoring the Right to Adequate Housing
Participatory Budgeting
At the networking event on monitoring the right to adequate housing, Joseph Schechla, Housing and Land Rights Network and Habitat International Coalition, presented a toolkit to use in monitoring, defending and fulfilling the human right to adequate housing and land
At the networking event on participatory budgeting, Giovanni Allegretti, University of Florence, Italy, discussed trends and challenges of participatory budgeting in Europe, noting there is no single model
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Monday, 19 June - Tuesday, 20 June - Wednesday, 21 June - Thursday, 22 June - Friday, 23 June
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